Friday, July 20, 2007

Here are lots of recent photos from our travels. Sebastian has been to two weddings and an airplane ride since I last posted! He was an angel at all of them! Also, he has started to coo more and have more "baby talk" and this morning, while Paul and I both were playing with him on the floor he rolled over! I'll type more updates later, but enjoy the pics for now.

Our big boy on his tonka truck.

Sebastian when he met his Autie Tiff and Aunt Donelle in Tampa. They were smitten!
Sebastian and Daddy taking a nap.

We attended my high school friend Brian's wedding in Indiana. We spend the morning touring the Notre Dame campus with Sebastian. Here we are at the grotto.
Cristina, Brian and Sebastian at Brian's wedding. Congratulations guys!
The handsome family decked out for the wedding. We've gotten a lot of mileage out of Sebastian's baptism outfit!

On the ride to Indiana (6 hour car trip) I took lots of picture of Sebastian's expressions. He spent some time being very happy and other times....
...he was giving us his classic pouty look. Get me out of this seat Mama!

At the airport after our flight from Orlando to Detroit. He slept the entire flight!

Hello! Playing on the floor at Nana and Papa's house at the lake in Michigan.

We took this picture literally seconds before he rolled over!

The family at our first visit down to the lake. I'm not sure Sebastian liked it too much.

All of the Cummings cousins in Michigan.

We went blackberry and raspberry picking too. Yummy!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Baptism Day - June 24, 2007 @ St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church, Orlando, FL

Sorry these pictures are a week old, but it's so hard to find time to do these things! We had a pretty good week, although Sebastian was pretty fussy during the day. He must be growing. =) But it was also exciting because he's started to smile more and make more cooing noises too. I keep trying to capture his perfect little smile in a photo, but I am still not fast enough. As soon as I get a good one I'll post it to the blog. This weekend we will be taking our first little roadtrip with Sebastian to our friend's wedding in Tampa. He'll also get to meet some of our college friends, Donelle and Tiffany. Hopefully he will be happy in the car and not cry the whole trip there! Enjoy the pics.

The proud parents. Sebastian wore his Daddy's baptism outfit for his big day.

With Godparents Aunt Kim and Tio Daniel.

Sebastian being baptized - full immersion by Fr. David.

Daddy gazing at his baby boy!

Mama and Sebastian.

Look at our handsome papito!

Our family.

Sebastian with his cake and a rare sleeping moment in his carseat.