Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning's favorite gift still stands - Cheetos.  =)  My guess is that it will be a breakfast tradition for years to come...
Luca's first Christmas!  He was all about pulling his gift out of his stocking.
Matteo was very "helpful" with all of Luca's presents.
And Luca was very happy with his new squishy ball.  What a face!!

Sebastian got a new writing workbook, which he immediately wanted to stop opening gifts and sit down to work on it.
Matteo was soooooo excited to get his penguin.  Our kids have never been ones to ask for things at stores, but the first time we went to Sea World he saw this little guy and he did not want to let go of it.  He wanted to buy it, but we said no because that would mean having to buy the other three kids with us something too.  But "santa" snuck back to the Sea World store and bought it for him. =)

Loving on his new penguin.
Luca was very interested in all the paper and his brother's gifts too.

The cookie set was a big hit with Matteo.

New planets for his room!  I can't get over how grown up he looks here!

The last Santa gift was a new rock wall for the swing set outside.

Playing with some of the new toys.
Luca went from crawling to cruising the furniture in less than two weeks.  Ooiiy.

These blocks are super cool.

We headed over to Orlando for Christmas with Paul's family and the boys opened more gifts.

Luca is finally warming up to Uncle Corey.

Playing new games.
Luca's new octopus toy.

He loves Aunt Sarah!

Christmas dinner.

And hopefully the tradition begins soon - the kids helping/cleaning up dinner after Christmas!  Tyler was a great helper!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Got to Children's Mass 45 minutes early to make sure we had seats!  Boys were so good!

Getting ready for our first ever Christmas play.

Joseph leading Mary on the donkey.

Jesus in the  manger with all the animals and a shepherd. =)

He was being such a ham!

They were quite proud of the production.  There was lots of practice and fun going into planning the costumes and songs that were sung.  It turned out really great. =)

After we were done, my shepherd decided to wear the rest of his costume.  Figures!

After the play we started opening presents. It was CRAZY.  As much as we try to keep things simple and organized I am just convinced with 3 kids it's not really least not yet.

Excited about his new Crocs!

Luca got into the paper ripping too!


Me opening my card from the boys.  It was so cute! Daddy did a good job thanks to TinyPrints.  I love them!

Luca got the priciest present - we can now all leave the country as a family. =)

The crowd!!!

New itty, bitty Gator hat.

Singing happy birthday, followed by a dance party and a very late night!

 Dancing the night away!
Click here if the video doesn't appear above.

Santa came - can't wait to see how the morning goes!

My Little Elves

Decorating Jesus' birthday cake for Christmas Eve!

Ready for the party!
So as I thought - Luca is crawling all over already - about a week ago he started.  Now he is trying to stand on everything too.  Oh boy!!!

This is what the poor kid is up against... =)

Matteo can get his own ice now.  Wish he was looking towards the camera, but it's still hysterical.

This is a combination of 4 clips as I was trying to get Matteo singing Jingle Bells on video.  He sings it ALL. DAY. LONG.  But if I pull the camera out, it's all over...