Saturday, May 25, 2013

First Days of Summer

So the school year is done and I officially have a 1st grader and VPKer. Yay! We are excited about all the fun things that this summer will bring.  We shopped at SAM's this morning because I'm going to need lots of food to keep these guys happy. Then we had friends over and played outside for hours. Had popsicles of course too!  Rounded out the day doing random things like making a yarn maze, water colors, bikes (Sebastian will learn to ride this summer!), laundry and a visit to The Joint. My kids love it when I go there and it's always hilarious to hear them ask when we are going to The Joint (my chiropractor).  

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Paul's random photos

Below are some random fun pictures of our life over the last several weeks from Paul's phone.

Hangin out with Luca while at sports with the 3 kiddos giving Mami some time alone.

Date night with Matteo at Chuck E. Cheese.

My annual trip to the fair with Sebastian. We got SOAKED!

'Breakfast with dad' at Freedom 7

Some quality time alone with Luca!

May Home Depot workshop!

Being silly with daddy

Some Chilly Spoons celebrating Mother's Day a day early.

Luca's Birthday

Our big boy turned TWO!

Lost tooth!

Today Sebastian lost one of his top teeth today! It's been wiggly for a LONG time and he has been really wanting it to come out. Today he finally did it.

March iPhone Dump

April iPhone Dump

Back to Blogger!

I need to get back to my blogging.

Tonight, Paul and I attended our Marriage Enrichment group at church (love that group!) and the topic was all about "Memories" and how they are important to you as a couple and a family.  I LOVE that I have so much of our lives and stories on here and am sad that I stopped.  So I have to get back on the bandwagon!  Let's see if some how I can make the time to keep up with it.

Today was a special day - we found out that Sebastian won 1st place Kindergarten book in Brevard County School District for his Discovering Quality Literature (DQL) book that he wrote!  He was so excited and proud.

You can read  his book here.

Other fun things this week:

  • Matteo and I had his Mother's Day Tea at school on Thursday.  They sang "skimeradinky dink" and we had muffins and salad.  He made me an adorable flower pot and placemat too.
  • Luca turned TWO on Tuesday!  We spend the day at the playground, running after squirrels, took him to dinner at Chick-fil-a, made birthday cookies and sang happy birthday about 10 times.  His brothers got him a giant Lightening McQueen balloon and we got him a rocking horse that he loved.
  • Sebastian and his Kindergarten class hosted a restaurant for all the parents.  He was the host and seated everyone, gave them menus and made sure everyone had what they needed.  It was super cute!
Many more pictures to come, I hope!!