Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sebastian's Birthday DAY (for real!!!)

I promise, this is the last of the birthday posts! What can I say, we like to party and eat cake around here! =) We had an early flight out of Orlando on Sebastian's actual birthday, which we knew he'd love since he is so fascinated with flying and airplanes. Since our flight was early, we made it a treat and booked a room at the hotel that is actually INSIDE the Orlando airport.

Boy was this one happy kid when he realized he could go on the balcony and see the two airport trains and airplanes taking off, landing and parked. WOW! He was soooo happy!

So Excited!!!
(Click here if the video does not appear below.)

I don't know what it is about my children and hotels, but man, they love them! They ran around like crazy kids in the lobby of our floor and this is at 10 pm at night!

Still enjoying the view. =)

Back in Boston and checking out the airplanes.

That night, we had to sing to our birthday boy one last time, but this time with ice cream.

Happy birthday my sweet Sebastian!!!! Three whole years! You have grown up so much. Now you let us brush your teeth, you want to do everything yourself, and you can use the potty *yes*!!!! You love running and jumping, tackling new challenges at the playground, singing songs at the top of your lungs, your "cell phone," and all things space, rockets or airplanes. You are the best big brother ever and love teaching Matteo. You think it's so funny to purposefully say the wrong thing and laugh hysterically if I call you "dude." Mi papito - I can't believe how much you've changed in this year. You've been such a trooper - traveling the country with us and soaking it all in. We love you and are so proud of you. We know three is going to be AWESOME!

Te quiero.... ~Mami

Blasting off in our Backyard

One of the hit presents was a water rocket from Uncle Corey. Boy did Sebastian and Tyler have a blast playing with that thing in the backyard! It's so nice to have a yard again!

Uncle Corey jumped right in to run around with the boys.

I'm sure he will be thrilled to play with his rocket again as soon as we get back to Florida!

Sebastian's 3rd Birthday Party

When Sebastian woke up from his nap he was excited to see some neat decorations and presents! This is the first year he was really excited to open presents which was kinda fun. =)

He's a very careful present opener.

A new fire truck from Nana and Papa!

Helicopter Little People set from Lita and Lelo!

Family picture of the day...

Sarah, our sister-in-law to be made Sebastian this AMAZING turtle blanket. It is the cutest thing ever and I can't wait to make it part of our book nook for the boys to snuggle up with as they read. As someone with NO sewing talent, I am super impressed and touched that she made him something so special.

Matteo liked the tunnel that Sebastian got from Kim, Jeff and Tyler.

Sebastian with his cousins enjoying pizza for dinner.

Everyone was capturing the big singing moment!

We actually had to sing three times because he likes doing it so much.

Happy 3rd birthday Sebastian! This is the most celebrated little boy this year! I still have more celebration pictures to post - coming soon!

New House Fun

After Paul and Matt worked tirelessly on painting the house for 3 days, I finally was able to come with the boys to stay at the house on Thursday night. I spent the day cleaning while my mother-in-law watched the kids and the next day my mom and Angelica came to watch them and play gatekeepers. =) This is a picture of our first night sleeping in our new house. Yay!

There is so much room to run around that Matteo fell asleep right in the middle of his lunch.

Sebastian helped Mami by stacking the outlet/light plates. All the ones with 1 hole, 2 holes or 3 holes! Who say's a 2 year old can't be helpful!

Since Matteo had his own chair, Sebastian wanted to be strapped into his chair too. So he would sit in his car seat with his seat belt on and sing and chat with his brother. Fine by me!!!! Both kids were contained and I could clean!

We were so lucky to be home during the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis. Sebastian has been completely obsessed with all things space for a few months now so this was a BIG treat! We watched if from our backyard.

So excited in the moment, but then.....

After it was gone, he had a full out tantrum for about an hour because he wanted to be IN the space shuttle and it had left without him. Pretty funny in retrospect.... We captured a short bit of this on video for you, but this is before he got really, really mad....
(Click here if the video does not appear below.)

Saturday my mom helped with the kids again (her and Matteo enjoyed an afternoon snooze) and we had a family work day. Our dads fixed toilets, porch doors, locks, ceiling fans and my mother-in-law scrubbed our kitchen floor. Wow! It was great to have all the help so we got a lot accomplished.

The lunch crew with ever entertaining Lita!

Later on that night, Sebastian was still full of energy. This kid loves to sing and he was especially into singing the "Glory to God" that we sing during Mass on Sundays. So here is his rendition. In case you don't know, the correct words at the end are "and peace to his people on earth."
(Click here if the video does not appear below.)

Mother's Day Part II

After spending the morning with the Giammarinaro's, we went to Avalon to be with the Silva's and hung out at the pool, had pizza and just had a relaxing afternoon.

With the best Mama ever. =)

Matteo had fun in the water!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fun times in Florida

After a low key Mother's Day, Paul, Matteo and I went to Melbourne early Monday morning to sign all the final papers for the house. Here is Matteo signing for his first mortgage. =) (Pictures of the house to come in another post!)

Then we went and bought all new appliances. Cha-ching!!! I got my dream fridge - the biggest you can get!

Matteo had a ball running around the completely empty house. That afternoon, we left and Paul stayed in Melbourne. For the rest of the week, him and his friend Matt worked everyday on getting the interiors painted. They accomplished SO much! The house now looks amazing. They managed to paint the huge master, two back bedrooms, kitchen, nook, family and living rooms. WOWOWW!!!! We also got new laminate flooring put into two rooms, new blinds and lots and lots of cleaning done thanks to help from our family.

Our first meal on the evening I came back to Melbourne with Sebastian and Angelica to pick out paint colors.

The rest of the week, I got to have some fun with my mom and one day Emily and Logan came to spend the day with us. It is almost impossible to get a decent picture of these three stinkers!!

Another day our good friends Jen and Finn came over and we went to the Splash Pad at Avalon. This is the only shot with all three of them and it was taken the minute we got there. The next 2 hours they spend running all over the place!

Matteo LOVED the water and was so brave...

Finn and Sebastian ran around in circles....

Matteo took a break on the swings...

This kid loves to tempt fate! This is the BIG, jet that is in the center of the fountain. The first time he stood there to play with the water I was worried he'd get really scared and upset when he got blasted by the stream of huge water. But no. He LOVED it. The first time he was a little concerned, but then he went back, over and over again!!!

Check out this cute video of him in the middle of the fountain!
(Click here if the video does not appear below.)

Another day Nana and Papa came to visit, we went to dinner and then played at the park. Sebastian and Papa were buddies.

More to come......

Flying to Florida and Mother's Day

On our trip to Florida we had a connecting! But lucky us, our flight was delayed and we wouldn't make the connection so they rebooked us on a direct flight! That was a very good thing, except we had a lot more time to kill at the airport. So we rode the escalators a lot and had the boys run around as much as possible. They loved it.

They have really tall escalators at Logan airport!

Matteo loved running after Daddy and Sebastian on the moving walkways.

Everyone did great on the flight.

The next morning was Mother's Day. This is the best shot we managed with both the boys. =) Better luck next year!

I got a cute card and a Mami Coupon Book that included "showering by myself" (as in NO KIDS in the bathroom while I shower!!! yay!!!!), and cuddles. Yippie! It was decorated with lots of stickers.
Mami and her cool boy.

Smooching my baby, baby!

My mother-in-law with her kids and grand kids. Great picture!

My wonderful husband.

The best part about Mother's Day....a nap with my boys. =)
I'll have to post pictures of Mother's Day at my mom's later. I don't have those pictures yet, so I'll catch up on them soon!