Saturday, March 27, 2010

Family, Friends, and Fun Times...

This is the last Florida pictures post! Just random, great pictures of enjoying our family and friends. We sure do miss everyone. Thanks for a great vacation!


Nana and Papa with the grand kids.

Silva grandchildren Matteo, Sebastian and Logan. Yay!!

I LOVE this family picture. Here is all of us! We sure are growing!

Sebastian adores his "baby Logan" and was super excited to get to see him and spend time with him. So sweet...

Good bye and night-night picture with Nana and Papa.

Cousin play time! There three are so happy when they are together. Angelica has become such a great helper too and takes great care of her cousins.

At Tyler's birthday party.

I don't know why we get this cheesy face all the time now...


Sebastian and Finn (Sebastian's 1st can read the story here) having a snack during our play date. These two had a great time together so we decided to meet up again the following week.

Mowing the lawn...

This is how the cool kids do it...

Cheesy face's starting to look cuter to me...


Riding his bike at Nana's with the glasses the garbage truck man gave him. Weird, I know. But he thought it was pretty cool.

Matteo jumping in the bounce house at Angelica's.

Sebastian "driving" the wawa (really the RV, but he calls it a bus). He was completely enthralled with the RV and kept getting in and out, driving it and just had a ball.

Matteo made himself comfortable in the RV too..

The boys got new PJs from Lita that have spaceships on them. Sebastian in really into all things space so he loved them and didn't want to take them off, even during the day. The PJs along with the Space Shuttle Lelo gave him have kept him super happy and "blasting off" all over. Also, if you say 3-2-1 blast off, Matteo will raise his hands and make a blast off noise. It's super funny....

Loves jumping on the trampoline...

At the playground, enjoying the sunshine!

Two weeks with lots of celebrations

While we were in Florida, we had many celebrations besides Matteo's birthday. Now Sebastian thinks that after every meal it is someone's birthday and we should eat cake. =) Here are some of our celebratory moments of the past few weeks!

Congratulations to Corey and Sarah! Yay, we are getting a new sister-in-law! We are so blessed to have Sarah joining our family and are excited as they begin their journey towards marriage.

Happy birthday to Lita!

Birthday Celebration for the March '09 babies from my Mom's group.

As you can see, you can't corral 1 year olds for a photo so easily any more... Poor Gloria tried her best, but there was no group picture of the kiddos this time! I love this picture though. Certainly captures what it's like to have mobile little ones!

Angelica's birthday lunch at Chick-fil-a.

Jeff, Kim and Tyler with his Star War's themed cake.

Happy birthday Tyler!

Matteo's Birthday DAY

On Matteo's actual birthday, we wanted to make sure he enjoyed his day. We went to a park with a playground that was just his size. At first he wasn't too sure about climbing around on things, but after a bit...

He was having a ball playing like a big kid.

The boys.

He loved going down the slide with Mami and eventually wanted to go by himself (with some help of course!).

Then it was time for a quick nap. So sweet... He was exhausted.

After his nap we took him to the buffet at Sweet Tomatoes. He LOVED it. I think he sampled most of the things on the salad bar, along with pasta and his new favorite - JELLO!


Happy boy with a full belly!

Later that evening we had all the grandparents over and sang happy birthday again with some cupcakes. It was a great and special day. Still can't believe my little guy is one! Wow!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Beach Weekend in Melbourne

Since we had Matteo's birthday party in Melbourne we decided to get a hotel on the beach for the weekend. It was too cold for swimming, but we still enjoyed the beach in the evening. My Dad took these pictures with his new "super camera."

My very good college friend Tiffany (also Auntie/Godmother Tiff) drove from Panama City to be with us for Matteo's birthday. She is such a special gal to have in our family. I'm so glad she came! =)

The girls.

Sebastian has always had issues with sand and this was the first time he completely let loose and really enjoyed every aspect of playing in it! I was so thrilled!

Making "sand angels."

Hiding in the sand!

Daddy came down to join in the fun for a bit too. Matteo didn't make it down - he was sleepy for some of the time and then enjoying having both his grandmas to himself up in the room!

Matteo watching the beach.

Sebastian loving his Auntie Tiff.

Matteo's 1st Birthday Party

The party location.

Waking up from the morning nap as all his guests arrived.

Explored the park a bit, but still not quite sure about the many people around...

Choo-choo birthday cake, made by Daddy as the tradition goes!

Matteo's special cake, modeled after his ball-pit balls that he LOVES to carry around with him everywhere he goes.

Getting ready to sing happy birthday!

The crowd.

Hummm.....the frosting is tasty...

I think I'll go for it!

Don't take it away from me!

I like this birthday stuff!!

Okay, I'm done!

Sebastian, Emilio and Auntie Tiff playing on the slide.

Daniel and Logan looking so big! Yes, both of them!

Half-smile, half-pout. Love it.

The Orlando girl friends with the Round 2 babies. So glad that they were able to come out to Melbourne for the party! We tried to get a picture with the "big boys" but they were too busy on the playground to stop and pose for the camera...

Matteo with Nathan, his first friend. We met at the local hospital's breastfeeding support group. They were born a day apart!

It was a great party, birthday boy! You are one!