Monday, August 31, 2009

Niagara Falls

We decided to go on a spur of the moment overnight trip to Niagara Falls. It is only 1 1/2 hours away so it's not a major trip. As soon as I took out the suitcase to pack and told Sebastian we were going on a trip, he climbed into the suitcase and just sat down. He would not get out! I guess he didn't want to risk us going on a trip without him.
We got there around 8 pm and Sebastian was still wide awake. He said he wanted to go see the falls so we took advantage to see the falls at night. It was beautiful and Sebastian liked them.

Matteo did not seem so impressed, but was a trooper. He always is!

The American Falls.

The next morning we decided to brave the Maid of the Mist boat trip. I know, we are crazy. But I asked lots of questions and they had an impeccable safety record so I said, let's do it. Here are the boys on the walk to the boat. Not seeming so impressed.

Here we go! The boys first boat ride! Matteo was snug in the Ergo and stayed completely dry during the whole voyage! Which is quite a feat because by the end of the 30 minute trip we were drenched!

Sebastian wearing his poncho and excited to be on the boat.

Once the torrential water started drenching us under horseshoe falls, Sebastian started to get a bit unhappy about the situation. We quickly headed down to the more covered area where we waited out the rest of the trip. Matteo was sound asleep with all the commotion going on.

Very wet, but very happy after his VERY wet boat ride. Thank goodness we did this first thing in the morning because we all went back to the hotel and changed into dry clothes for the rest of the day.

Our family with the Maid of the Mist and Niagara Falls.

We ate lunch at Rainforest Cafe and Sebastian loved seeing all the animals. Elephants were a favorite. I guess that's why people pay the ridiculous prices to eat there. Oh well, that's what vacations are for I guess.

A nice lady gave us free tickets to go up the Sky Tower to see the falls. It was such a treat because I always do things like that when I have extra tickets or coupons, so it finally came back to me. Yay! The views were great and Sebastian loved it.

Sebastian looking proud watching the falls.

Beautiful! You can see where the Maid of the Mist goes into the falls.

Proof that Matteo was there too. =) Not impressed, but he had fun on the trip since he was carried most of the time by Mami or Daddy.

So sweet. We looked down and Sebastian was holding his brother's hand as we walked along in the stroller. They really love each other so much.

Sebastian's first bite of chocolate - a Hershey's Kiss. He took one bite and to Paul's chagrin, threw the rest on the floor. So that was that.

Our cheesy Maid of the Mist picture they try to sell you for $25. We just snagged this off the internet. It's a fun shot! We are those crazy parents with two kids under two going on fun adventures! I hope to do another post tomorrow with pictures from Paul's company annual picnic at Seabreeze, an amusement park here in Rochester. It was a long and fun weekend for us!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything...


Not it!
VIDEO - Will not import to FB or via e-mail so go to the blog to check it out!
Sebastian Playing Bucket

Opening the letter from Nana and Papa.

Sebastian was excited to get mail!

With his card.

VIDEO - Yummy!

So happy with balloons he got downstairs!

First time doing water colors. He really likes it!

The other day I asked him what he was drawing and for the first time he told me what his art was...aviones (airplanes)!

Standing with some of his recent artwork.

Nap time.
VIDEO - Row Your Boat

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Matteo's Five Month Photo Shoot

This weekend we got Matteo some portraits done at Target. They turned out super cute (I'll scan some once they come in), but I still like to do my own mini-photo shoot with him at home. Of course, my camera isn't as sophisticated, but I like to think I get some pretty good shots!

Our little guy is growing up so fast! He loves to sit up by himself now and really shakes around his toys. Everything goes in his mouth and he loves chewing on something at all times, especially his hands. He continues to be fascinated by his older brother, just started noticing books (and trying to eat them too), rolls over when absolutely necessary, and only enjoys tummy time if he is constantly entertained. Enjoy my baby blue eyes!


Love this shot of his eyes!

Just hanging out.


My brother says this Mickey character is great!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just Playing

A few pictures from this past weekend and our week at home. Sometimes I feel like I post too many pictures, but there are just so many cute moments, I don't want to miss sharing one! =)

Just chillin' with my toes.

Happy boy after bath time.

Sebastian playing at the Webster Splash Park.

Very fun park!

More park pictures.

Mr. Cool. Yes, he was wearing sunscreen!

Matteo at the splash park.

Daddy and Sebastian brought Mami home a special dessert from Wegman's. Yummy fruit tart!

We visited Long Acre Farms this weekend for their corn festival. Sebastian got a kick out of seeing the sheep.

The corn roasting over the fire. Boy was it yummy!

Sebastian and Daddy playing on the farm's train playground.

On the ship!

In the corn play area. He actually wanted to get in it!

This one is for Lelo. Across from the farm they have a sod landing strip and the Rochester Ultralight Fun Fliers were having a fly in. They had their EAA sign up and everything. Sebastian got to see the planes land and take off a couple of times.

Sebastian's new "casa" or tent. He had a blast playing in here the other day bringing in his animals and airplanes and cars.

He knows just how to eat his peanut butter sandwich without eating the crust. Kids!

Brother's sharing. Matteo is starting to really like this toy and Sebastian is usually very nice about it and presses the buttons for him so it keeps making music.

Matteo is sitting up on his own a lot more now. I know he looks like he's falling in this picture, but I promise he's not - it just happened to be the only one where he was looking at the camera.

Matteo with his new onsie on. =)