Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cousin Arlene's Baby Shower

This Saturday was a major milestone for our family. My cousin Arlene was having her baby shower and I really, really, really wanted to be a part of such a special occasion with her and my other cousins. So, I left both Sebastian and Matteo for a whopping 6 hours. Yep, that's right! Six hours of non-Mami time! I still can't believe it. I have left Sebastian before, but never Matteo for more than 2-3 hours, so it was a big deal. I am so happy and proud to say that Daddy had a spectacular afternoon with his boys complete with an outing to Target, the mall and dinner at Chick-fil-a. Yay for super Daddy!

A very nice spread by our hostess with me chatting it up in the background. So nice to talk with other girls!

The desserts were beautiful! These are chocolate mousse tea cups!

Enjoying the apps with my cousin Lisette.

Tea time with Jacqueline.

The sisters with the guest of honor, Arlene.

The Silva girls! It was such a special time, I had so much fun and feel so blessed to be able to share with my family during this special time for Arlene. Can't wait to meet that new little cousin!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our week at home...

This week we were home. As usual.... We really are staying pretty busy, but I sure miss going out every morning as I've always done so it's an adjustment.

Last weekend, we actually visited a playground because it was in the 40s! Sebastian was beyond thrilled, poor kid...

This week we also started our weekly activities plan. It went really well and Sebastian enjoyed most of the things we did. Here he is hiding some toys in a macaroni bin.

We made some new Seasame Street characters for his Elmo and Zoe play kit. This thing is awesome, it really keeps him entertained and has sparked a lot more pretend play for him.

Matteo gnawing on a whole apple.

Beautiful afternoon after a fresh snow. This is the view from one of our windows.

VIDEO - Matteo and Sebastian Jammin'
Paul thinks this video is hilarious. Matteo "dances" like this all the time...
(Click on this link if the video does not appear below.)

We smashed different kinds of berries to make juice and then used the juice to paint some creations.

Matteo even tried some juice for the first time this week and he loved it.

Sebastian hiding during "hide and seek."

We cut out pictures of fruit from magazines and made fruit letter cards. Sebastian loved this activity.

Mami got brave and suited up the boys to play in the snow on our balcony. Matteo even tried to crawl in the snow!

VIDEO - Matteo Crawling in the Snow
(Click on this link if the video does not appear below.)

On the balcony playing.

Making big, big messes with his food these days.

VIDEO - Big Mess
(Click this link if the video does not appear below.)

Happy boy after a diaper change.

Just my boys. =) Love this pic.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hello from Mass!

We've been in Massachusetts for two weeks now. It seems like so much longer than that already! I have to admit that my days are pretty long since I haven't been leaving the house much because it's so cold. But, on the bright side, the apartment is fabulous - spacious, lots of natural light and very comfortable. So we've been playing with a lot of toys that haven't been played with in a while, doing some crafts, reading books and listening to lots of music.

I'm also committing in 2010 to have more of a planned day for Sebastian in particular with activities to help him learn and grow, especially since I don't plan to go out as often. I'm excited that a fellow mommy blogger I follow has put together a great activity schedule that I shamelessly plan to borrow as well as add a few more things to it. Thanks Code Name Mama! We are starting on Monday with activities like structured pretend play, fun with numbers, language, science adventures, Catholic concepts, library, etc. I'll let you know how it goes!

We are also really enjoying being near some of my family! It's been great to see Tio Frasqui, Titi Arlyn and my cousins Arlene, Jonathan, Jacqueline and Carolyn in the past few weekends. The boys love going over there and seeing new faces and I think it's going to be a real bright part of our 6 months here in Massachusetts. Okay, now on to the pictures! Sorry to be so lengthy but I feel like I haven't blogged much about what the boys are doing since we went to Florida in December so I'm just trying to catch up. =)

Matteo has been cruising the furniture for about a month and half now. He is getting braver everyday and enjoys getting into places that he shouldn't, like under the dining room table.

Proud little stinker.

He will bravely stand himself up and just hold a pose as long as he can - before he falls down on his behind. It's pretty funny and he is so proud of himself when he manages to stand for a while. I think we'll have a walker on our hands soon! Yikes!

We are maximizing our museum/zoo memberships by taking advantage of the reciprocal programs that allow us to use other museums/zoos for free! This has worked great for us in all our travels so our first weekend in Boston we visited the Boston Museum of Science. I think this Moose was Sebastian's favorite animal there.

Beautiful view from the museum.

Ahhh!!! A giant bug!

Sebastian loved this larger than life "bright lite" toy.

Later on when we got home, Matteo was in a crack-up funny mood giving off huge smiles.
Enjoy this video below of him and Daddy laughing it up.
(Click here if the video does not appear below so you can watch it.)

Playing with Tio Frasqui and Titi Arlyn.

My attempt at a brother pic with their cute matching shirts...

Sebastian proud of his "long, long train with tall, tall tower on it."

Matteo playing peek-a-boo in the clean sheets I was trying to fold.

Matteo waiting patiently to go out in the cold. It was REALLY cold for a few days - like 5 degrees, but then today it's like 45! If winter were always like today I'd love it!

This weekend we went to the Boston Children's Museum (again, for free). Sebastian enjoyed it, but it certainly isn't the Strong Museum back in Rochester. We are really going to miss that place... He did have a good time though, so I'm sure we'll go back.

Toot, toot!!!

Putting gas in the car! (No, Nana, please don't buy us a gas pump for our car! =) )

Riding a bulldozer.

Driving a fun car.
I think the sign was coincidental, although there is a huge Haitian population here in Boston. Our prayers and hearts go out to the people of Haiti following this disastrous earthquake.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Happy New Year! Welcome 2010!

New Year's Eve family picture.

New parents with Logan.

With my baby on his first New Year's Eve!

Opening presents from Tio Daniel and Auntie Emily.

Sebastian showing us how cold it is when he wears his new sweater.

Finally a picture of the three cousins!

Baby Logan is awake!

Sebastian so happy to see his cousin!

The 2009 babies ringing in the New Year! Matteo almost made it...he missed midnight by about 20 minutes. Maybe next year! Sebastian on the other hand was wide awake and having a blast!

Happy 30th Birthday to Paul!

We celebrated the big 3 - 0 with family and friends at Paul's parents house.

Opening his presents with his boys.

We actually managed to pull off a surprise (sort-of...) party for Paul with some close friends. This is when we came into the house.
Birthday shots!!! We seriously need to do that more was fun!

Cousins building a fort.

And talking on their cell phones. =) More to come....I'm almost caught up!