Friday, June 25, 2010

First Friends

Aunt Kim and Uncle Jeff rescued this great train table from their neighbor's curb for us. Nana cleaned it up, Papa hauled it to us and the boys are loving it! Thank you all! Free is certainly the best price!

During our first week back, one of my best friends, Jen and her son Finn (8 days younger than Sebastian) came to stay over night with us. It was soooo much fun - how I have missed my dear Orlando friends! We tackled the beach in the afternoon. I learned an important lesson. Beach means I will get soaking wet, so just wear a bathing suit. I thought we'd just play in the sand at the edge....but not so much. I was drenched, but happy!

Sebastian wanted to go all the way in, but it was too hard since I had Matteo too. I'll have to work at mastering this beach with two children skill...

Finn and Sebastian had an absolute ball playing that day.

The next morning we headed out to the Zoo but stopped for smoothies first. Matteo loves his smoothies. He could have cared less he was at the zoo as long as he had his smoothie in hand.

Looking at the cheetah.

And the highlight of the zoo is the very amazing and awesome splash/pool area for kids. They played and played and played. Now Sebastian says he wants to be a fish when he grows up and I think this might be why...

The only shot where Finn and Sebastian are actually in the same frame. Three year olds have a mind of their own!

My Super Sebastian.

And my sweet little one...he was just hot and tired. He slept the whole time the older boys splashed around. Maybe next time he can enjoy it too. We renewed our pass so I'm sure we will be weekly visitors. I'm loving being back! Can you tell!? And I am sure that in the coming weeks I'll finally be able to catch up with all of our friends so if you haven't heard from us, trust me, we've just been busy but can't wait to see you!!!!

Florida! Back home, sweet, home!!!

Leaving in the morning for the airport on the hotel bus. I think I was the most excited one. =)

My big boy had his own seat on the airplane. Not that he sat in it or anything, but wearing the seat belt entertained him for all of um......30 seconds?! It was pretty stinking cute though.

We stayed at the hotel at the Orlando airport for a mini vacation before all our moving and boxes craziness would begin. Sebastian loved the pool where you could watch the airplanes taking off too!

At the NASA airport store.

Soooo excited! Who knew that the airport could be such an exciting place for a 3 year old!

Play time Mami!!!

The next day, Lelo came over early to share in the airplane watching with Sebastian.

Welcome home brunch with our parents at Cracker Barrel on Saturday. And happy six year anniversary to my sweetie! I LOVE YOU! (We will be celebrating next month, promise!!!) Sunday we were busy painting the last few rooms and cleaning at the house because Monday morning...

...the moving truck arrived. With all our things we hadn't seen in two years. Yikes and Yay at the same time.

All of our things were boxed up and then put into these huge wooden crates. They had to empty six of these huge crates with all our things. Oh my gosh. It was insane.

The kids played hard with Lita and Nana and we tried to unpack and organize as much as possible. They are even taking naps together sometimes now in Sebastian's new room. Which he is so excited about too! And, yes, those are flower sheets. =) They were the first twin sheets I found.

Our first home cooked meal at our new home. We are all so happy. So much work still to be done, but so, so happy to be HOME.

Good bye, Boston, good bye!!!

*I'm playing catch up here since the movers took our computer and we just finally got set back up here in Florida, so bear with me!!!*

The Sunday before we left, we had a great going away brunch at my aunt and uncles. My Titi Mayra and Tio Frank even came from CT! It was so special that they came out to see us.

These new grandparents are smitten with their little monster David. =)

We gave them a special picture of our family at the Swan Boats as a parting gift.

Matteo looked so adorable carrying around this old teddy bear. He's never paid much attention to stuffed animals, but he loved this old bear he found!

The Silva boy cousins! We will so miss seeing David every week!

I had to take the chance to steal him away! I realized I'm always so tied up chasing my two that I barely ever held him! So I got some good cuddling in before we headed out.

The best part about being in Boston. =) Family.

Monkey-see, monkey-do with the lunch plates...ugh!

He thinks the art easel is his new push toy.

Good bye to our cars! See you in Florida!

We stayed at the apartment the first hour or so while they packed. The boys thought the huge boxes were pretty cool. Then we headed out to spend the day at Arlene's so we could stay out of the way.

When we arrived, David was snuggly in his K'tan while Mami chatted on the phone.

Titi Arlyn and Sebastian had fun playing in the box and singing songs.

Finally, we got to our airport hotel. We asked for a room with a runway view and ended up getting a HUGE conference room/suite on a corner with views of two runways. Sebastian was besides himself. He LOVED watching the planes.

And this is what we look like leaving for the airport the next morning. What a crazy, crazy roadshow! Five suitcases, two car seats, 1 backpack with laptop, a diaper bag, stroller and two kids. Don't ask me how we did it....let's just say I'm glad we won't have to be traveling with that much stuff again for a long, long, long, long time... =)

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Make Way for Ducklings - our last Boston weekend!

Today we decided to go into Boston for our last weekend here and do something classic: we visited the public gardens to see the "Make Way for Duckings" statue and ride the swan boats. My Titi Arlyn insisted so much it was an activity not to be missed, that we made it out there this morning. We are SOOOOO glad we did! We had an absolutely fabulous day!

Me with my ducklings!

Matteo loved petting each one of the ducks and saying "duck, duck" as he did it. It is one of his few words, so he was thrilled to see so many ducks everywhere!

Sweet boys!

At the Swan Boats dock.

Here we go! The ride is a peaceful, 15 minute loop around the small lake. Matteo was crabby and sleepy, but the rest of us really enjoyed it.

Sebastian liked all the ducks and even saw some swans.

Matteo....well....he just wanted to sleep. Poor kid. His parents make him do so many things! He eventually go out of his funk and started enjoying the day.

Swan boats.

Once he was happier he chased the squirrels for more than 15 minutes!

We had a picnic lunch and Matteo loves playing with juice boxes now. They are a special treat when we have picnics. He loves his juice!


Sebastian and Daddy playing around.

What a beautiful day! Farewell, Boston! Sunday we will be having a BBQ with our relatives in the area and saying more goodbyes!