Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday Matteo!

*This post is a little late, but better late than never!*

We can't believe how time has flown by. We have done so much with Matteo since he was born. I see he's going to be my world traveller. Let's see - he's been to 9 states, DC and Canada. He's been on a serious 1,500 mile road trip, seen Niagara Falls, been to Disney twice, swam at the beach, lived in two houses and flown on an airplane. That sure is a lot for a little guy! Keep up the adventures!

Happy 6 months big boy!

Here he is at 10 days in his same bouncy seat. For a fun comparison you can check out Sebastian's 6 month pictures in the same seat here. Just scroll down a little. =)

First bath in the "big boy" tub! He liked it!

And the bath helpers were having a very good time too!

Matteo's half birthday cake with little toes.

I'm ready, what's all the fuss about!

Ready for my first taste of food - banana! Mami gave me some on her finger...

Ummm! I like it!
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Give me more! More!!!

Trying out the spoon and handling it like a champ.

Messy, messy.
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All done with my first meal! When do I get to eat again!? Matteo really loved eating!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Florida Vacation Part II

I got to go see my Melbourne girl pals and visit my old Mom's group at the hospital. It was great to see all the ladies and the kiddos are all so big!
Quite the trio - Jayna, Matteo and Nathan. Not everyone is sitting up too steadily yet so it was really funny trying to get this picture as the babies all kept toppling over.

Six of us all went with our nursing babies to invade the local mexican restaurant. We had a great and long lunch and were quite the attention getters with all our cutie-pies. Everyone had to come by and see the kids.

Sebastian loved the empanadas at the Puerto Rican restaurant near my mom's house.

Enjoying a snack with buddy Michael.

My friend Ana with baby Emily. It was so great to finally meet her and get to hold a girl baby for a change! Almost everyone I know has boys!

Before Paul had to leave for Rochester, he made Sebastian a "special pillow." Since Daddy puts Sebastian to bed every night and he wouldn't be there for a few days, he wanted Sebastian to have something to cuddle with. He loves his special pillow, although he didn't want to sleep with it. =)

While on our vacation we were able to attend the La Leche League's annual Parenting Conference at Daytona Beach. It was a nice beach getaway for us, and we learned a lot too. Daddy and Matteo's self portrait.

First trip to the beach!

Daddy - that's cold!!! First time in the beach.

Sebastian was so funny during this trip to the beach. It's the first time I would say he really enjoyed playing in the water.

Mami got in with him to jump around in the waves. During the first big wave, he got some water in his mouth and he had a horrified look on his face and started trying to wipe his tongue and mouth on my shoulder - but I told him that was how it was supposed to taste - salty! Then he thought it was great fun the rest of the time to play in the salty water.

Mami and Matteo self portrait.

Big toes and little toes. =)
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Too tired for clothes after a long day and the beach.



Playing at Sarah's house with Jackson.

Boys! Boys! Boys! The big brother's with the new babies.
VIDEO - Sebastian's Composition

So happy to finally be back home! Sebastian was soooo happy to see Daddy and the frog balloon he brought him. Three days away was long enough! He had tons of energy even though it was 10 pm. We had a wonderful time visiting our family and friends in Florida. Thanks to everyone that made it such a great trip!

Florida Labor Day Vacation Part I

We have been talking about the plane ride to Florida for weeks in hopes that all would go well with Sebastian. We also decided to lug on board Sebastian's car seat so he would sit in it on the plane - a more familiar place would equal less wig out potential. We always feel like such a road show when we travel with our millions of things and two kids, but I think we had it pretty together this trip. Cristina with big diaper bag, holding Sebastian's hand (who carried his own toys in his backpack), and Matteo in the K'tan sling and Daddy with a backpack/laptop and the enormous and heavy car seat.

It's 5 am at the airport, but I have my Cheerios in my cup so I'm happy.

Good morning Matteo! You're going on your first airplane trip!

Daddy and Sebastian happy on the plane....Matteo still a little surprised...

But after a brief snooze, now he is happy and making loud happy baby noises. Good thing we were in the second to last row of the plane.

Loved the ride and excited to see Abuelita that is picking us up.

Bye, bye avion!

Matteo with his first plane.

Welcome to Florida from the Mouse.

Matteo very happy and interested to see Abuelita. He loves people watching now and is so aware of everything!

A visit from my best friend and college roommate Sarah and new baby Chase. Yay!!!

Our newest little guys.

My brother Daniel and pregnant Emily, finally showing. Can't wait to meet our nephew! On that note, we also got the great news while we were in Florida that my cousins Arlene and Jonathan are expecting their first baby! They are due in March and we are certainly keeping them in our prayers! Yay for more babies!

We went with my dad to his airport so Sebastian could see Lelo's plane. I love how they have the same expression on their faces in this picture.

Watching some plans land on the runway.

Wow - in Lelo's airplane.

The mini-pilots enjoying their pretend ride with Lelo.

Sebastian driving. My dad did take him out to taxi around a bit, but they didn't even make it past a couple of hangers before Sebastian was all done with the loud noise. I think he'll like it more when he's a bit older.

With Lelo and his airplane.

My new haircut. I got brave. Well, not really. I got a lady that I couldn't understand and next thing I knew my hair was this short and I had bangs. Oh well, it'll grow back! It's an interesting and new change.

Our friends Scott and Tina hosted an Italian Feast while we were there on a Saturday. We watched football, the kids all played, and we caught up with lots of friends. Sebastian had fun playing with cousin Tyler and Paul's godson Daniel.

The Feast table set for 18!!

Uncle Corey with his Godson Matteo.

We were able to share in baby Chase's dedication with Sarah and Nathan. We were so glad to be a part of their special day and have the boys together.


Happy Matteo after bath time.

My good friend Jen invited us to spend the day at Animal Kingdom. Sebastian and his buddy Finn had a great time together.

Matteo enjoyed and slept too.


Loved seeing the Jungle Book characters.

Matteo's favorite part was the cups.

So the boys won't cooperate for a picture, but the Mami's will! Waiting to ride the dinosaur ride.

Here we go!

Daddy and Matteo rode too.

Sebastian in awe of the dino ride. He loved it. We rode it twice. No, we did not pose this shot. Who can pose a two year old anyways?!

Soooo....happy. And sooooo HOT!

We left Sebastian and Matteo for our first night out alone in a LONG time. We went to Melting Pot and enjoyed a nice, leisurely dinner. It was so much fun and so nice!

Being goofy.