Monday, January 26, 2009

Slow on the posts lately!

Hello! Well since Sebastian has begun waking up at 5 am lately (yeah!! I know!!!), I have been going to bed quite early - hence no time to post to the blog in the evenings! We are adapting to his new wake up time and Daddy and Sebastian enjoy their morning time together while I sleep for another hour or so. I am 32 weeks so only two more months to go before we meet our new little boy! Luckily I have been feeling great. Just minor aches and pains and some tiredness, but no crazy swelling like with Sebastian! Yeah! Below are some pictures from the past few weeks.

Wow! A new Elmo book from his friend Jackson for Christmas.

Driving Nana's car.

At Crane's Roost park on a nice day. Sebastian loves the fountain.

We met up with my friend Amy a few weeks ago at the Hard Rock Hotel. There were all these stairs and Sebastian wanted to do it by himself and hold on to the rail. It took a while, but he did it!

Getting Sebastian to eat dinner is becoming more and more of a challenge. His toddler pickiness is really starting to come out. But he loves this Mickey plate and it sure helps him eat things sometimes. Whatever works!

Celebrating Abu's 79th birthday!

Drawing with the tub crayons for the first time. A big hit!

VIDEO - Turn on the volume!
Sebastian is finally brushing his teeth without crying every night. His prize each night is a sticker and is the only reason he looks forward to brushing his teeth. You can see that our picky toddler is also picky about his's quite the decision making process. =)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy 2009! Welcome to a new year of adventures!

We hope you all had a wonderful new year celebration! We are excited about 2009 - so many changes will happen with our family! We are looking forward to welcoming our new baby boy in March and becoming a family of four and then our first big move. It looks like 95% chance it will be Rochester, NY which we are excited about since we've heard it's beautiful in the fall and a great, family friendly town. We know it'll be cold for us Floridians, but we'll adapt! Enjoy some pictures from the first few days of the new year!

Paul and Cristina. This dress does a weird thing to my belly!

Sebastian before he fell asleep around 10 pm. Too bad he didn't make it to midnight this year...

On New Year's Day we went to Paul's parents to celebrate a belated Christmas with his sister and family. We also played our traditional "search for the pickle" game. Paul found it with Sebastian and when Sebastian saw it he immediately opened his mouth and tried to eat it (it's a fake pickle by the way)! It was so funny and strange because he's never eaten a whole pickle before, but it made for a pretty funny picture.

Opening two new Barney (Coe) DVD's from his cousin Tyler.

Over the weekend we visited the Brevard Zoo for the first time. He enjoyed the monkeys, birds, giraffes, gators and rhino the best. He was so excited when we walked into the open bird aviary that he just started running around waving his arms like this and shrieking. It was pretty funny.

Is this a real monkey??? Anytime we see a monkey he makes monkey noises.

Feliz Dia de los Reyes! Happy Epiphany! We gave Sebastian three small gifts as is our tradition in Puerto Rico. He was very excited to open the first one.

And he loved it! They were these neat crayola stamps - and he loves stamps. He didn't want to open any more of his presents after that.

Playing with Abu (great grandma) and laughing! We spent a morning at the park together so she could enjoy Sebastian.

A Quick Story

We keep saying we want to post this story and just keep putting it off, but I just want to recount it quickly for posterity's sake. And so Sebastian can read it years from now and laugh too. =)
Sebastian has always been pretty good about using the real words for things, except for a few. He only has made up words for a couple of things - toys = dodos, Barney= Coe and then this last one: Jesus = Chachi. I know, I know!!! I have no idea, why or where he got this, but obviously only very special people/things have made up names so it's a good thing Jesus is up on that list.

We pray before every meal and every time he sits in his high chair he says "pray" and folds his hands. He has attempted the sign of the cross a few times, but usually he just wants to fold his hands. Then when we are done, he always says "Thank you, Chachi."

Then, the other night we were at Mass and right before the procession begins he always looks for the crucifix that they carry in during the procession. It was those few seconds when they announce the gathering song and before the choir starts when he spotted the crucifix. So, the church is silent, the song is about to start and the procession, when our lovely Sebastian shouts out - LOUDLY - and points - CHACHI! We could have was soooo embarrassing, but such a memorable moment. We continue to work on his saying Jesus, but it still always comes out as Chachi.