Saturday, December 26, 2009

Welcome Logan Roberto Silva!!!

Our nephew Logan Roberto Silva was born on Friday, December 18 at 11:58 am. He was 7 lbs, 1 oz and Mommy Emily and Daddy Daniel are at home and doing great with their new addition. Yay and congratulations!!! We are so excited to have a new nephew and little cousin!

Logan on his birthday.

Proud new Daddy.

Super excited new Titi (Auntie in Spanish.)

The new Silva family.

Sebastian meeting his new cousin Logan. He had been sooo excited to see and meet the baby. He just couldn't wait. On our last day he wanted to bring him with us. =)

A happy cousin!

Meanwhile, back at the apartment, the cousins were busy playing and creating havoc...

getting into Tio Daniel's electronics....

sticking fingers in the doggies mouths....yick....

being just plain silly with whatever we could find to play with...

and having cousin sleepovers on the living room floor. It was a great and special bonding time for all of us.

Meanwhile the new Abuela and Titi were busy cooking up meals for the new parents. We left them with a stocked fridge!

Christmas-time baby coming home.

Logan's first car ride.

Welcome home Logan and to your new, large family!!! I love this picture....

My mom with her three grand kids.

Bye bye Logan! We'll be back to see you for New Years! What a sweet little guy!

Good bye Rochester, Hello Florida!

We spent our last few days in Rochester running around making sure to do everything we loved just one last time. Here are some pics of our favorite things in NY!

Sebastian with Miss Elizabeth - he adores seeing her everyday down in the office of our apartment building. We sure will miss seeing her!

Good bye fish tank - Angel, Blow, Nemo, and Dot!

The snowy patio before we left.

Loves the big exercise balls down in the gym.

Matteo is officially cruisin' the furniture. Here comes trouble - as his big brother says!

Making drums at his last science class.

With his favorite big dino.

Sebastian loves Ms. Terri! She was great with him.

With his buddy Nora. They were in summer camp together and also weekly science camp. We will miss her too!

Last trip to the amazing and awesome Strong Museum of Play. We will miss this place sooooo much!

Bye bye mini Wegmans at the museum. =( Can you tell we're a bit sad to leave?

This was my view for the 3 hr flight from Rochester to Orlando. I flew by myself with the boys for the first time. They were both soooo well behaved. I couldn't have asked for anything better. But it was still really hard because there was NO room. And Matteo really doesn't like to sit still. So they sat and I stood in the aisle most of the time to pass out toys, drinks and snacks. An experience to remember!

Sebastian's window view - of the engine. Some view.

After a day of regrouping at my mom's house, I drove to Melbourne to see my Mommy friends from the hospital breastfeeding playgroup. Matteo was a happy camper!

The 3 buddies - Nathan, Matteo and Jayna. Last time we were together we have a picture of them all trying to sit up, but they kept toppling over. This time they are all standing up! =)

Matteo and Gloria our wonderful Lactation Consultant.

The favorite toy at the party - plastic cups!

Mommies with babies - soon to be toddlers! Yikes!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Almost our last post from Rochester!

Has it really been 6 months?! Our time in Rochester is coming to a close and I am frantically trying to make sure we do everything we wanted to do and really enjoy things like the amazing Children's Museum to the fullest these last few weeks. We have really enjoyed the family-friendly nature of this city and I think we will all miss the neat opportunities we've had here. But after a few days in snow and temps in the teens and 20s, I think I am ready for Christmas in Florida. =) I leave with the boys (by myself on the 3 hour plane ride by the way - pray for me!!!) on Tuesday and Paul will be finishing up everything with the move and will meet us later on in Florida. Hopefully all will go smoothly these last few days!

One of Sebastian's many advent crafts. He loves tracing his hand now.

A rare (very, very rare!) moment with both boys sleeping together. I think it lasted about 30 minutes. So cute that they were laying the same way!

At our parish they had a creche (nativity) building family event on Sunday. Sebastian wanted to make a donkey, so we ended up with this mutated buffalo looking animal. You can tell he was thrilled right? Well, Mami had fun. =)

Here is the finished creche - it turned out so great! All kids did a great job. Of course, Jesus, the manger and the 3 wise men have yet to make their appearances.

A new favorite toy we made at school. Just an egg carton with animal stickers and drawings. Then we put a ball in it, shake it around and where ever it lands we make that animal's sound. Sebastian has spent hours playing with this homemade toy.

We finally had quite the snow storm a few days ago and the boys had some fun playing outside in the snow. Sebastian wore his "snowman pants" and Matteo tried out his snow suit.

Shortly after the picture he fell backwards and just laid there with his eyes squeezed shut and a grimace. He was like - get me back inside!!! He is not liking this winter business.

Sebastian proudly standing with his snowman that Daddy made.

Happy Matteo!

Monday, December 07, 2009

A Random Look at our Week

Daddy and Tat-Tat being silly.

Matteo cruising on our couch wanting to eat popcorn.

At Science Class with his new big-boy haircut.

This month's theme is sounds so Sebastian was listening to the turtle, his favorite animal in the classroom.

Our first snow in NY....well, snow dust really. It was gone in 3 hours.

Not too impressed just yet.

At the museum filming a show. =)

Matteo can play now too!

At the farm!

Making this year's Advent wreath. Fun times with glue and glitter!

Our completed wreath. Sebastian loves reading our prayer before dinner and hanging an ornament on the Advent tree.

Loads of laundry!

Sweet boy. Practice posed before the real pictures.

Brothers playing.

Silly faces!

Matteo's first puffs. Wow!

He knew exactly what to do with them!