Friday, January 21, 2011

Hanging out with Michigan Family

One of the best parts of family weddings is certainly all the hanging out with family after the actual wedding. We hosted the out of town gang over at our house in Melbourne on Sunday after Mass. We had a great lunch and then gorged ourselves on fresh Florida oranges.

We spend all day outside soaking up the sun and beautiful weather. Andi even managed to apply for graduation while she was in our backyard. =)

The guy cousins had a blast playing with the boys. My boys were thrilled with all the fun and new attention!

Stomp rocket victory!

Running around with Tony.

Mami and Matteo playing.

What a face! He is either chasing someone or being chased!

Running around with Chad.

Hanging out at the sand table.

By the time it got dark out, we decided to head to Dixie Crossroads for a bit of a local seafood experience. It was a bit hit, so I'm glad it was worth the drive to my hometown! Sebastian had such a ball with all his cousins this weekend, we had to capture the moment.

And of course, with Mr. Rock Shrimp.

The crew. We will miss seeing everyone, but it was so great to share such a special time in our home with you all! Can't wait to see everyone again this summer.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wedding Day - The PARTY!

The guys again - at the reception site. They got some beautiful outdoors photos - can't wait to see them!

Matteo enjoyed the food at the reception. Fruit, cheese, and crackers! A perfect toddler spread!

The second we found our table, Sebastian wanted to know when the dancing would start. He was ready for the party. He was dancing so much in his chair (with no music) that he even fell out of it. =) He was not excited about the "restaurant" part of the reception.

Welcome to the new Mr. & Mrs.!!!

Sarah and Sebastian loving on Corey.

Before the real dancing even really started, he danced with Nana.

And with Andrea.

I love their expressions in this photo!

And now the real party started! He wanted Daddy to hold him for a lot of the dancing. So it was exhausting for him. My parents did an amazing job of watching Matteo and keeping him entertained so I was able to really enjoy the party too.

More dancing with Uncle.

Giammarinaro brothers times two. =)

Now, once he kicked off his shoes, then the show REALLY started!

And let me tell you...he did not STOP! If a slow song came on he would cry and say, "But I like the fast ones!" This kid got some of my Latin gene for sure!

VIDEO - Sebastian Dancing
(If you don't see the video below, click here to watch.)

Matteo was fading fast, but enjoyed cuddling with his Papa.

Trying to get a family photo (ahem, Scotty!), but still a good shot. We were outside waiting for them to go to the getaway car and throw bird seed at them. This part was thrilling for the kids!

I think Matteo emptied three bags of birdseed just waiting for them to even come out of the reception. I think it was his favorite part of the night. =)

Yayyy! Off to a great honeymoon! I am sure they were finding birdseed for days!

Both kiddos, still awake as we left the reception at 9:30 pm. Matteo conked out in the car quick, but Sebastian arrived back home wanting a snack. Nothing stops him sometimes!

What a wonderful day and great party!

Congratulations Corey and Sarah! We love you guys!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wedding Day - The Ceremony

The morning of the wedding, Paul, Corey and Jim went out to breakfast. Then we all hung out at the house and Corey had fun playing with his nephews. It was so low-key, I couldn't believe it! So this is what it's like on the groom's side?! With my brother's wedding it seemed more hectic but maybe that was because we were hosting more family in our home.

Daddy helping Sebastian get suited up in his first suit and tie. It took lots of practice and talking and preparing....but he was excited to look just like Uncle, Daddy and Tyler.

So handsome! The socks and shoes even made it on!

All the guys! They all looked so great.

Corey, Jim and Paul.

Groom with his parents.

Kim, Jeff and Tyler

Our family - with Sebastian making a monkey face. Memorable. =)

Uncle Corey with nephews.

Sebastian was very excited to wear a flower. He was upset Matteo didn't get one. Glad he liked wearing it because I totally forgot to prepare him for that part!

Boys are ready!

Tyler practicing with his pillow.

I had to go sneak a look at Sarah as she got her pictures taken before the wedding. GORGEOUS!!!! Their pictures are all going to be so amazing!

Boys in their matching suits.

Big smiles - ready to go down the aisle!

Waiting with Sarah for the big moment.

He did it! He did it! Wish I had a better picture, but this is the best I've got.

Unity candle.


Us with the bride and groom. I am sure the professional pictures will be much better, my camera couldn't adjust well enough for the serious backlight....

Bridal party.

With all the Giammarinaro/Cummings family.

BEAUTIFUL and BLESSED Wedding!!!!!