Monday, April 26, 2010

Maine, Lobster and Potties...

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful weekend and do a mini-road trip to Maine. We decided to head to Kennebunkport, Maine to take in the sites and eat some Maine lobster.

Here we are!! Add it to our state list!

Sebastian was very proud today. Call us crazy, but this was our first day taking Sebastian out in underwear all day. He did great!

Although we did spend much of our time doing this in the van... Thank GOD we had that mini-potty as a backup, because he had to go every 5 minutes for like an hour. Due to the increased length of our journey, we never quite made it to Kennebunkport, but we did explore two other little towns that were on the way.

On the side of the beach road on one of the many potty breaks.

We had lunch at the Lobster Shack in Ogenquit.

Hungry boy!

The traditional lobster roll.

After lunch we walked on a great paved walkway along the coast in Ogunquit. The coast line was beautiful!

Me with the boys at one of the many lighthouses.

Everyone was happy....and Matteo was being all flirty on the walk back.

Trying to get a nice picture...

On our way back, we stopped at a great beach side park in York. We ran around the beach, splashed in the puddles and flew kites.

The boys had a blast on the great playground.

Going down the biggest slide ever!

Matteo loved stomping his way all along the bridge on the playground.

Trying to move the playground. He was very focused. =)
We had a great day discovering Maine and although it didn't go quite according to "plan," we still had a great time.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Patriot's Day!!!

Huh? Patriot's Day? What's that? That's what we said too....but it turns out that it's a HUGE deal here in Massachusetts. It's a state holiday to commemorate the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. One of the battles happened in Lexington, the town where my relatives live. Each year they do this elaborate re-enactment of the battle and then there is a big parade in the afternoon. We had such a great day attending the festivities!

Before the parade started, Paul Revere rode down the streets calling that the "British were coming."

As we waited, we took the kids to run around near the battlefield site. Sebastian with the minuteman statue in the background on the battlefield.

My friend Rima and the twins came too. Adam's hiding!

Zayd's stick.

Me trying to get a picture of all four boys running around. Instead Rima was taking my picture!

Almost out numbered and ready for the parade to start!

The minutemen.

Both boys were thrilled with their mini-flags.

Our boys watching the parade....such a sweet moment. Can't believe I actually caught them all sitting on the curb together since it only lasted like 30 seconds!!! =)


These horses were ENORMOUS!!

The crowd actually "booed" when the British came through!

Jonathan and Arlene came out for David's first Patriot's Day parade.

He even held his own little flag!

Since it was Patriot's Day and spring break week up here, a lot of our daily activities were canceled. So we spent a lot of lazy mornings playing around. They have so much fun together on this little couch.

Matteo just learned how to play this drum and he loves it!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Haircuts and Great BIG BUGS!

Matteo getting his first haircut from Daddy! Just an easy trim from Daddy. It sure turned out better than Sebastian's first haircut. Take a look here... =)

Sebastian got a trim too!

Building a city with Matteo's new blocks he got for his birthday.

Playing Rough
The boys LOVE to rough around with each other, but of course we are always worried someone will end up hurt. We are always trying to reign in Sebastian, when often times Matteo just goes begging for It's pretty funny.
(Click here if the video doesn't appear below.)

Went to the park earlier this week and Sebastian was fascinated with the kids flying kites. So we found his kite from last year and took it with us to the park the other day. It was only occasionally windy, but he still had a great time flying Mickey.

Go Mickey, go!!

Flying his Kite
(Click here if you don't see the video below.)

We've been working on some "potty training/learning" lately and we are finally having an occasional success. Yippie! Sebastian is a stubborn one, but he sure was proud when he finally had something to celebrate!

Mimi in the Potty!
(Sorry, Sebastian - please don't be too mad 10 years from now when this is on YouTube...)
(Click here if video does not appear below.)

And sometimes....well...he gets a little distracted on the potty. =) And yes, this is his "Old McDonald" cup that he likes to keep around as long as possible. I guess for some reason it's just so much cooler than his other cups...

Matteo wanted to get in on the coloring action this week, so I let him play with some crayons for the first time. He did great for about 1 minute when he decided that eating them and throwing them on the floor would be more fun. =)

Meanwhile, Sebastian was getting really creative. He's telling me now what he's drawing, which is a lot of fun.

His latest masterpiece...GREAT BIG BUGS! This one's a keeper.

New England Aquarium in Boston

Saturday we tackled the aquarium. It was a fun day!

Matteo with the penguins.

Could never get everyone to look for a picture.

Not quite as big as a shark...

Matteo enjoyed his snack watching the seals.

Attention span was like 5 seconds per tank...

Holding hands in the sweet!

View from the top of the awesome, enormous tank!

Sea turtle, one of Sebastian's favorites. He also loved the sea horses, octopus, sharks and starfish.

At the end we did the penny press machine, which Sebastian thought was super cool.

As you can tell, he loved his special souvenir!