Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Year's Day, plus some...

Little stinker.  So many toys on the floor, but he wants his ball from the basket.

 Luca on the go!
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He's a pro at standing at the kitchen gate already!

Christmas gifts from Auntie Tiff!  They LOVE the new towels!

Love the cooking set from the Cummings!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Paul's Birthday and New Year's Eve

Happy 32nd birthday!  We celebrated the evening before at Scott and Tina's and then spent Paul's birthday day at Sea World.

Pretty funny!

Both my parents and in-laws all have passes too, so we all went.  Sure makes taking 4 kids to a theme park much easier!

Still enjoying Christmas.

Shaving cream in the bath is the new fun thing.

Luca relaxing in his new chair he got for Christmas.  He outgrew the bouncer, but we still wanted something to sit him in, ahem...contain him, and this is perfect!  He can use it up to 30lbs as a rocking chair too!

The were ready and excited for the New Years Noon party!  We had 10 families and lots of kids to ring in the new year a little early!

Luca's first New Year!!!

Luca was happy and playing as we waited up until midnight.

Love this!  First time with all of them doing sparklers.

Little voices saying Happy New Year.
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Settled in to watch our $10 fireworks display.

It was perfect for the price!

Matteo making music with Daddy's beer.  No, he's not drinking it! =)

The later it got, the wilder the kids.  Here they were riding/dragging Rudolph around the house.

By the end, we were all fading fast...except my Abuela.  She was ready for a party!  Too funny.

Sebastian was determined to not fall asleep even though he was a complete zombie.  He had to stay up for the New Years party.  His brothers crashed around 11, but he made it - this is about 5 till.  Poor guy!

Happy 2012!!  Literally in the last 60 seconds Luca woke up and I didn't want to miss it, so I dragged the poor kid out for the final seconds of his birth year, snapped a picture, hugged and kissed everyone and rushed him back to bed.  Luckily he went back to sleep!