Monday, November 22, 2010

Matteo's First Haircut

We finally did it - the curls are gone! =( Although we loved them, EVERYONE was calling poor Matteo a girl and we were just tired of it. So we decided it was time. He loved getting his hair cut! He would say "more snip, snip, snip!"

He had to hold the comb. Always wants to help!

Looking better!

Such a big boy! The pictures I just posted before this of trick or treating, showcase the new do pretty well. And everything from here on out is with his new short hair. Someday I will be done catching up here!

Matteo's Halloween Party and Trick or Treating

My mini-astronaut at his playgroup party. He loved wearing the hat.

Mami and Teo!

All the kiddos! The magic of photoshop made this photo possible. =)

We've known all these babies since they were a few weeks old, so it's always fun when we all get to be together again.

Pumpkin patch. Not the best one this year, but next year, when we are actually living at home, hopefully we can find a great place to go!

Matteo's ready to go trick or treating!

We went to a Trunk or Treat event at a local church that was fantastic. Great candy, free food, games and even free pumpkins. Sebastian ended up having a pretty good time once he got into it, but unfortunately Matteo fell asleep and didn't wake up until the very end right before we year!

He would not wake up for anything!

Sebastian always picked the lollipops. Which he of course doesn't eat (he doesn't eat any candy for that matter) and Paul and I kept thinking - pick the chocolate!!!!!

Fall family photo. Some of the trunks had amazing decorations!

Matteo finally woke up at the very end here, but he was not a very happy camper.

When we got home, the boys had fun going through the candy we were going to pass out.

My Space Boys.

A great evening to sit outside. We had a fun Halloween!

Sebastian's Halloween Party

At Sebastian's school, they have a Fall Celebration but no Halloween. The mom's thought it would be fun for the kids to see each other in their costumes though, so we planned a little Halloween Party for the class. It took lots of convincing to get Sebastian to be okay with going, but in the end he did have a good time. We learned that for some reason the actual word "party" makes him stressed, so as long as just called it playing or get together or something else he was fine.

Astronaut Sebastian with his Space Shuttle and Kennedy Space Center bus.

Almost half of his class and a few younger siblings too.

So cute.

He was more than happy eating his Cheetos and Hummus. Funny kid!

LOVED the spider rings. Big hit.


So much fun that he fell asleep on the way home.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Extended Vacation in Orlando is the big drama that has kept me from blogging... It's a bit embarrassing, but I guess it's just a part of living near water and in Florida. We went on a 10 day vacation to North Carolina. We of course, left the house very clean and all wiped down, etc so it would be nice to come home. Well, it was not very nice when we got home. Turns out that we had a little visitor during the time we were gone. A rat. Yes, gross, a rat. It was a mess. Most of our food in the pantry had to be thrown out and of course because of the sanitary concerns, we just could not stay there with the kids. So off to my mom's we went. It took us 10 days to catch that little bugger and another 2 weeks to be sure that was it before we were able to go back. Then EVERYTHING - every dish, cup, toy, surface, floor, etc had to be cleaned. So it took a lot of work to even get to the point where we could come home. Finally, we got back in the house the day before Halloween. The boys just felt like they were on a long vacation I think - they had a ball playing with Lita all day, I loved getting naps every afternoon and Nana and Papa had fun seeing us every weekend. But we are just so glad to be back home!

Here are some pictures of the boys having fun during the month we lived at my Mama's.

Sebastian's train.

Lots of art projects.


Bath time with Lelo.

Playing with Aca in the hammock.

Teo being silly with Mami's headband.

Teo happy, Tat-tat not so much.

They loved playing with the old school view-finder. Too funny!

Making cookies with Nana and Tyler.

With lots and lots of sprinkles of course!

My 30th Birthday and the LLL Conference

We had a low-key family celebration for my birthday at my Mama's. Paul made me a cake and the boys helped decorate it. They love sprinkles.

Matteo mostly wanted to take the sugar frog decorations off the cake the whole time.

He finally snagged one and promptly ate it as I blew out the candles. That kid loves his sweets!

Opening my cards and gifts. It was a great night, although I spent the rest of the week horribly sick with a sinus infection that completely knocked me out. I was so glad to be staying with my mom that week!

For my birthday I always tell Paul I don't want a gift, I just want to go on a weekend away as a family. This year's La Leche League conference was the weekend after my birthday in St. Pete, so we headed down for that. Here is the banner I worked on as part of the organizing committee. It turned out really cool!

At the St. Pete Pier for lunch. Nana and Papa came to watch the boys and Paul and I were really able to enjoy the many parenting sessions during the conference.

Matteo loved the "Drum Guy" during family fun night. He was dancing away and loved the drums. His brother....well, not so much. They are just so different! Can't wait to see what Baby G3 brings!

Drum Guy - always a hit at the conference. The kids love it.

We're back!!!!

And we're pregnant!
Currently 15 weeks, expecting in mid-May.
Finally feeling pretty good after some intense nauseousness and just getting excited!

I have never been so behind in my blogging, but there were some crazy circumstances (more on that soon), and then I've just been so overwhelmed with how behind I am that I just couldn't get started. But tonight, I'm starting! I hope I can get us caught up. So bear with me since I haven't updated since our family vacation to North Carolina the first week of October!

Sebastian went with us to our first sonogram and was so excited to have his own picture of the new baby. The due date is a few days before his birthday so he keeps saying he's getting a new baby for his birthday.

One proud big brother.

Matteo lately has really taken an interest in his baby doll too. Sebastian never cared much for it when he was this age, but Matteo loved to cart the baby around and hug on it and even....

...give his baby milk. So, so sweet. =)