Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Few Days with Cousin Angelica

Before the school year gets into gear, the boys' cousin Angelica is staying with us for a few days each week. What a treat! The kids are so happy and so entertained! I could get used to this! From my point of view, making one more plate and cleaning up after one more is not too much harder (especially since she is older and such a good helper) and plus I love having her with us. =)

At the Brevard Zoo.

Giraffe encounters!

At the splash pad area, Matteo has come up with his own way of getting into the pool. I lays down on his tummy, scoots in....

...and then stands himself up once the ground is a bit more level. Such a character.

Once he noticed I was trying to get a picture of Sebastian and Angelica on the Manatee, he wanted to climb up to. He slipped a little and realized he wasn't going to make it all the way up...

So he just plopped down at the tail and was happy with that. Too funny! They had so much fun.

After a fun, hot day.

Later that night, they found some photo albums with pictures of Angelica when she was three. They had fun looking at pictures of little Angelica. =) Today was not as exciting. Just story time at the library and some outside play time. But still fun!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Super Saturday - Birthday and Pool Parties!

Happy 1st birthday to Emily! It's so nice to be home to celebrate the "Round 2" baby birthday's with all my Orlando friends!

The super cute cake for this little lady bug!

I think I should give up hope of ever having a picture of all of Sebastian's first buddies together. Here is my attempt at a picture of three three year olds. So not happening.

After the birthday, we spent the afternoon at my future sister-in-law's childhood home for a pool party. We got to catch up with the rest of the family and with some old friends we hadn't seen in a long time. Sebastian is already getting resistant to my picture taking! Ugh!!!

VIDEO - Sebastian Swimming!
This is the first time Sebastian has really been more confidant in the water. Watch!
(Click here if the video does not appear below.)

After Matteo took a dive into the pool early on, he was pretty hesitant to get back in, but he slowly worked his way there. By the end of the afternoon he was laughing and splashing and having a blast.


Trying to pour water on Sebastian's head.

He LOVED trying to splash Daddy.

VIDEO - Pool Playtime!
(Click here if the video does not appear below.)

After swimming, we all went inside to eat and all the boys played hide and seek. Guess how many boys are hiding under this ottoman? Four, yes, four little boys decided that THAT was THE hiding place. So funny!

They enjoyed teasing poor Sarah's cat. That's his little paw poking out from under the door. It was all fun and games until Tyler got scratched.

Matteo, Sebastian, Tyler, Alex and Jacob. That's a lot of boys!

Brothers wrestling on the couch. It starts this early people! They are going to give me a heart attack, I swear!

Hugs for Tyler!

Just a Lazy Summer Week...

Oh lazy days of summer....wait - this is what my life is like all year. =) Except really, it's anything but lazy! =)

The boys are both REALLY into the book "Good Night, Gorilla." This is their favorite page in the book. Sebastian loves to read it to Matteo. He's such a good little reader - he must have about 8 books completely memorized!

Sweet brothers.

This week was Matteo's last class at the library summer program. When we walked in they had little party hats (which, duh - none of them would wear!) and cute shakers. So cute!

Dancing with his hula-hoop!

He always had to run up to the front to see the books. He's giving me this smirky smile because I keep ask him to come back and sit down.

Yeah....so not wearing that party hat!

Matteo's first certificate!!

We had a water play date at Julie and Nathan's house last week. Fun times!

This my pool - get my brother out!!! Matteo has learned all he has to do is shriek and we come running to demand answers from his brother. So we are trying to be more fair about this since most of the time, Sebastian hasn't even done anything to him!

Julie with Nathan and Sebastian watching the fish. They were both happy a split second ago.

Our "tent" comes with it's own band and a cook that makes chocolate cake and mac n' cheese over and over. Yummmmmm!

Playing out on our porch. My baby is looking so big! He will be starting preschool in two weeks!

And little not-so-innocent Matteo shoving his brother down the slide...

Don't laugh!

Frog, frog, frog! He loves this outfit!

VIDEO - Matteo says FROG!
(Click here if the video does not appear below.)

Snack time. Matteo prefers the big boy table to his high chair most days now for his snack. And Sebastian likes to shake the red pepper shaker on his food.

Sebastian had fun learning how to match up dominoes with his Lita this week. He was proud of his domino train tracks!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beach Day!

First a few other pictures....

Matteo out of the bath burrito-style. It's the funniest thing. Must watch the video below for a sweet moment with Daddy too.

VIDEO: Matteo, Who Loves You?
(Click here to watch if the video does not appear below.)

We hosted our first playgroup last week for Matteo's toddler friends. It was nice too because there are quite a few older siblings that are Sebastian's age so fun was had by all.

On Friday I got to visit Emily, my best friend from high school for her baby shower!!! Yay!!! I love it when my friends are having babies! It was soooooo fun to catch up with her and talk about all things baby.

Nana, this one's for you. The boys were so sweet reading their audio book you gave them. Paul took some sweet pictures of them. But failed to notice that Matteo was meanwhile playing with the electrical outlet. That stinker!

While Daddy worked in the yard, Mami worked out too pushing 55 pounds of stroller around the neighborhood. =) And Matteo is finally starting to realize that the hat and glasses are going to have to stay on. We are making strides!

Playing with Lelo's hat at the beach...

Being cute is such hard work.... =)

VIDEO - RV Beach Party for our Colombian Family
(Click here to watch if video does not appear below)

Matteo LOVED the beach!!! He just kept running around and splashing and laughing. For some reason though, not one picture captured his joy. Booo! He just has these strange expressions in all of them, but he really had a blast! Now that I know both of the boys like the water, there is no way I can take them to the beach by myself anymore!

Sebastian and Angelica got right to work in the sand.

Matteo preferred the water over sand play, but Daddy still tried to convince him.

Everyone in the water at Jetty Park!

Family picture.

Tired, tired baby.

When we were on our way back to the RV to get cleaned up the cruise ships started leaving.

We cleaned everyone up (Matteo is waiting for his clothes here) and headed back home after a great family day at the beach.