Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our little guy is a month old! Wow! We are all doing great. Paul is back at work and I am at home with Sebastian on my own. It's been quite the adventure! Luckily, we are working at getting our routines of playtime on the floor, music time, story time, etc. Naps and feedings occur whenever he feels like it. =) I ventured out on my own with him to Target last week and we did great - but of course he was asleep the whole time. I'm not too sure how well we'd do if he was awake. I don't think I'll tackle that one just yet. This Sunday is his baptism, so keep us in your prayers!
Sebastian and Paul watched their first launch up close from my Dad's apartment last Friday. It was a beautiful day for the launch. Of course Sebastian slept the whole time, and woke up right as it was all over. Oh well. We can tell him he was there.
Our friends Nathan and Jackson came too. Here are the boys and their proud Dads.

Whenever we do have to supplement Sebastian with a bottle, he likes to try to hold on to it on his own already. He is an independent little one!

On Paul's first father's day, they wore matching polo shirts and khaki pants. My boys looked so handsome! Everyone at church was enthralled with their look.

Fathers and sons.

The proud mommy as Sebastian takes a break from the hard work of nursing.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Hi everyone!
I love these power naps!

The proud Moms. If you look at an earlier post

you can see pictures of us pregnant together.

Jackson and Sebastian -3 months apart.

Three weeks! Sebastian is still a bit congested, but better overall. Our pediatrician appointment went very well and he weighed a whopping 8 lbs 9 oz! I was so relieved. I am such a proponent of breastfeeding, but it is stressful, especially since he was losing weight in the beginning. You want to make sure he is getting enough to eat! So it was a huge relief when the doctor gave us the all clear and said he'd see us at 2 months. We are rarely using formula anymore and Sebastian seems to be just fine with that. He has been much more awake the past few days during the day time. It's been fun because he will lay on his playmat and look at all his fun little toys.

Next week Paul will be going back to work at the office so it'll be quite the adjustment for me to be one-on-one with Sebastian. I've been trying to do most of it on my own the past week during the day, but it's just so nice to be able to pass Sebastian to Daddy so I can go to the bathroom or eat with two hands instead of one. I'm not too good at the one handed eating yet - I dropped strawberries on him the other day - poor kid. =) Anyhow, so next week will be another new milestone. My mom will still come by during the day to help out so at least I'll get a few hours of break to sleep, clean up or run errands.

Tonight we are going to try to head to Titusville so that Sebastian can see his first shuttle launch. The Atlantis is supposed to go up tonight and Nathan and Jackson are going to join us too. Should be fun and memorable! I'll post pictures if we get any good ones. More later!