Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stomach Bugs

I have some catching up to do, but have just not had enough time. Last week I was sick with a stomach bug and unfortunately, it seems Sebastian caught a similar bug too. He has been sick since Sunday evening. I think dealing with a puking toddler has got to be the worst thing ever. I feel so bad because he just gets scared and he says "help" and "fix it" and there is just not much we can do. So it's been a rough week. Still, ever the photographer, here is a picture of what our week has looked like. We've been camped out on the living room floor. We put down the foam play floor to make it easier to clean up. We've watched more TV than I ever thought possible. Thank goodness so far Matteo seems to be in the clear and he has been so patient with his Mami letting me cuddle Sebastian all the time. He must be so sick of his bouncy seat! Anyhow, I hope I can update soon as I have some great pictures of our visit with Auntie Tiffany and Auntie Donelle and Sebastian's school picnic! Please pray that Sebastian gets better soon and that the rest of us all stay healthy!

Essentials for a stomach bug - plastic flooring, a bowl, paper towels, water, and lots of books and TV. Oh, and lots of disinfectant spray. Go away stomach bug!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter! Alleulia!

Happy Easter everyone! We had a great weekend and Sebastian really enjoyed Easter this year. It was so cute because as we were trying to explain to him about the Easter story he would say Chachi (his word for Jesus) happy. Tat-tat (his word for his name) happy. It was cute. My mother-in-law also joined us for a few days while she was on spring break so it was a treat to have her with us. My mom is still coming usually Tuesday to Thursday to help out with the boys and it's so great to have the help! We figure we'll take it all as long as we can because we know once the move comes we will be on our own a lot more! For now, this week has been the first I've been on my own all day since Matteo was born. Monday went wonderfully! Today was a little tougher - mostly because an almost two year old gets very frustrated very often if I don't understand his needs instantaneously. But we are working on it! Enjoy pictures from our first Easter as a family of four!

Sebastian was fascinated by the rain the other day and since there was no thunder or lightening I figured - why not! So we went to play out in the rain! It was super windy and he thought that was really funny too. We had a great time getting wet and running around. It was nice to have time just to play with Sebastian for a little bit!

Loves "sharing" his toys with his baby. He stacked all his little books on sleeping Matteo.

Family picture!

Serious eyes during bath time.

All of Sebastian's animals riding his bus. His play is starting to take on a more creative angle which is fun to see.

On Saturday we went on a picnic at a local park to play and fly kites for the first time. Sebastian had fun and Matteo was a peaceful and happy camper too. Yay for our first family outing.

Happy Easter! We put out all the decoration on Saturday night and Sebastian was a big fan of the eggs and bunnies.

Checking out the Easter baskets. Even Matteo got one with a new toy.

Ooooo...what's in here? More stickers!!!

Mami with her boys before leaving for Mass.

I think this is the first picture where they are both actually looking! Too bad there are no smiles, but I still love this picture. They look so handsome!

Our family after Mass at St. Max.

Sebastian's first Easter Egg hunt at church. We didn't think he'd do it, but he had a great time collecting the eggs!

Matteo in his "Baby's First Easter" outfit stretching out in the cradle at Nana and Papa's.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Three weeks old and lots of visitors!

Hello! We can't believe the time is flying by so fast. We are all doing pretty well. I am feeling good and feel recovered, but I still am trying not to do too much. Paul and I have a pretty good system going during the night so we generally both feel rested enough to function. =) Matteo is starting to figure out day and night and becoming a bit more effective with his nursing so he doesn't take as long. Each day is getting a little bit easier!

Mr. Wide Eyed late at night.

Just relaxing!

Where is the big brother?!?

There he is! I love these pictures. So cute.

The brothers in their first matching outfits. Matteo did not feel like posing.

Wearing Daddy's shirt.

Last week my group of girlfriends all came from Orlando to meet Matteo and to visit with us. Sebastian was thrilled because all his buddies were over to play. They brought lunch and we all had such a good time. It was mayhem with 5 toddler BOYS running around, but it was fun. Here are three of the monkeys jumping on the bed.

Playzone! At one point all 5 boys were in Sebastian's room, but each one was doing their own thing with different toys, concentrating on their individual activities. We just can't believe how big they have all gotten...

The moms with the boys. I am the first on "round two" but both Ana and Kirsty are having girls this time around later in the summer! Yippie! I was so thankful for their visit! More pictures to come! Thanks to everyone for the cards, prayers and kind emails and comments!