Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just around....

Abu and Sebastian take a break from playing to look at a family photo album.

"I have arrived - the world is mine!" Matteo thinks he owns the place (Gymboree) sometimes! So funny!

Zonked out after playing all day.

These play "Waffle Blocks" have finally resurfaced! They were hiding in my Dad's hanger - we never thought to ask him and just thought they had gotten lost somewhere! I had been wanting them for a while because I thought the kids would get a kick out of them. My Tio Mauricio gave them to me when I was three so I knew they'd be a hit. Sure enough! Hours of fun!

Sebastian in an airplane.

Having lunch at a "restaurant." I especially loved this set up because they were completely contained while they ate their food!

We have been wanting to get Sebastian a real bike for a while and finally, Titi Monica came across one that seemed just right (at least for a few more months!) at a garage sale for $5! Deal! Sebastian was SOOOO excited and did wonderfully!

On his first bike ride! Note Matteo in the background as we try to teach him to master the tricycle.

Uh-oh....first fall! Just a small scrape, but it took a lot of talking and explaining that this bike riding business is going to take some practice!

Matteo concentrating....

VIDEO - Bike Riding!
(If you don't see the video below, click here to watch.)

We recently had a family photo shoot a a local park with a new photographer. We haven't seen the photos yet, but I will be sure to link/post to them once she has them ready. The boys looked adorable in their matching outfits, which they will also wear for Easter. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

My big boy - almost four! Time flies!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Birthdays and Celebrations

March seems to be full of birthdays with our family and friends! Besides already celebrating Matteo's, Lita's and Daniel's during our family gathering here are some more birthday (and non-birthday, but fun!) celebrations we had this month.

Aunt Sarah's birthday.

Celebrating being with dear friends we don't see very often! So glad Evie and the kiddos were able to come over to play and spend some time with us! Can't wait to do it again!

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day - Sebastian took shamrock cookies to school and Lita bought the boys matching "Lucky Charm" shirts.

Jayna and Matteo looking cute in their lucky green.

Matteo's buddy Nathan celebrates his birthday the day after Matteo! Happy birthday, Nathan!

The boy's cousin Tyler had a bowling party - Matteo enjoyed it!

But Sebastian is really the big bowling fan! He LOVES it!

Happy 8th birthday, Tyler!

Uncle and the boys have fun dancing.

March birthday celebrations at the church playgroup. Check out that loaded snack plate - a kid's dream! Cheetos, Doritos, pineapple, strawberries, brownies and a cupcake! Matteo ate it all of course.

Matteo loved the big birthday hats at friend Jayna's birthday party!

Happy 2nd birthday, Jayna!

A pre-baby bash for my childhood friend, Julie. So exciting!

This picture was taken in 7th grade - about 1993 I think. At Julie's gathering we were there and managed to take a new picture - no Lindsay, but add Jackie. So cool to see these ladies most of whom I haven't seen in more than 10 years!

All grown up....right?! Me, Marlette, Julie, Heather and Jackie. What a great evening!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Great Laundry Room Makeover

As we made our "wish list" of things we wanted to complete before the baby arrived, the top item on my list was creating a more functional and clean laundry room. I do laundry almost everyday and between washing clothes, diapers and rags/towels (we don't do paper towels or paper napkins anymore), I am in there constantly. We also walk through this room every time we go somewhere since it's right off the garage. So we started planning and searching for inexpensive ways to make this space nice and functional.

This is what it looked like before....

The start of the biggest part of the project - redoing the flooring. We already had this bright blue paint, which happened to end up being a wonderful shade of Gator Blue - so it is now our Gator Laundry room. We also searched for months and finally found the perfect cabinets off of CraigsList to put in.

Yicky, stained and peeling linoleon is GONE! Now we are ready to tile!

Paul and his Dad cut and laid all the tile in one day and it looked fantastic! So fresh and clean! The boys watched Daddy grout it the next day.

New! Clean! Beautiful floor!!! I don't even want to put a rug down it's so nice!

My nice new cabinets and my retractable hanging line to hang diapers and other clothes easily.

Freshly painted, clean and functional! My dream come true! Funny the things I LOVE now that I am a stay at home mom! Thank you to my wonderful husband and great father in law for making this project a reality - all before the baby came!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Matteo's Birthday DAY =)

The birthday boy slept a bit later than usual (6:45...yay...) and snuggled and nursed in bed with Mami. I kept telling him that he was the birthday boy today and he'd just laugh. He was very excited to wear this birthday boy shirt with a balloon and candle on it.

We had a low key day at home mostly playing, going outside, a quick visit from Lita and hanging out. We made some big messes with play-doh and cookies (not together!) and I let him eat all the blueberries he wanted. And he got to play in the the clean laundry pile - always a hit.

Of course, big brother wanted in on the laundry fun too.

Smiling brothers.

Love the look in Matteo's eye here...

One of Matteo's many messes of the day. We made birthday cookies earlier and I had left the sprinkles out on the counter. Well, he promptly got the stool to the right location and climbed up to help himself. I was dealing with a melt-down from Sebastian at the moment and walked into the kitchen to find him happily shaking sprinkles all over the counter and floor. Oiiii....

It was a great mail day because by chance, we got Mickey mail! It's just junk mail to subscribe to a Disney movie club, but they always include stickers which the kids LOVE. He was very excited.

Once Daddy came home, we headed to the backyard to enjoy the nice evening and open presents. This is his box of bugs that he got from Sebastian.

Daddy had the idea to give him Backpack (from Dora) and a little Swiper the Fox. He loves that show right now and always dances and says Backpack when it comes on. And he is constantly saying, "oh, man!" just like Swiper the Fox. It's hilarious. This look is priceless though - he was so excited to find Swiper in Backpack. =)

Wearing Backpack. It's now a day later as I write this and he is still wearing it all over the house and out everywhere we go. Big hit!

We took him to Chick-fil-a, his favorite, for dinner and they played at the play place for a bit.

Then we headed home to sing Happy Birthday yet again, but this time with Mickey cookies that we made and decorated earlier in the day.

He loved all the M&Ms. What a treat!

Swiper wanted in on the action and tried to get his cookie.

Then Matteo made Swiper try to eat his M&Ms.

Daddy bought him special bubbles for his bath that night.

Yay for fun bath bubbles!

Our family, two years after Matteo was born. Happy birthday, my sweet boy! And below, for tradition's sake is my birthday note for Matteo....

My Matteo,

Happy birthday, birthday boy! You are so FUNNY! You make me laugh all the time and I can always count on you for the best squeezes. You are starting to say so many words, put them together and really know exactly what you want. Today you went through three different color cups before you found the right one! You have been such a trooper during the past year - enduring a cold winter in Massachusetts, moving to a new house in Florida, adapting to your brother starting school, starting Gymboree and getting ready to be a big brother. I am already so impressed with how you love to take care of your babies and always share your "achay" (Mami milk) with them. You love to play outside, get dirty and messy, find bugs, throw rocks, play in the water, go to the zoo, wrestle your brother and just get his goat in general. I can't wait to see what this next year brings. You and Sebastian are such buddies and in a few months we will be adding a new sibling for you to love. I know you will be so proud. We are so proud of you and love you so much Matteo! We pray that God will continue to bless you with a wonderful, kind and fun-loving spirit. Happy 2nd birthday, Papi!


Mami and Daddy

Read Matteo's 1st year letter here.