Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Matteo update - he's walking!!!!

My baby is turning into a toddler much too quickly. Matteo starting crawling on November 17 (8 months) and now, only 3 months later on February 22 (11 months) he has starting walking places on his own! I can't believe it!

He's been taking steps for about 3 weeks now, but I always qualify really walking when they take off on their own. He's doing really well, but it's so funny because if he's walking towards one of us he gets really excited and at the end just lunges for us (therefore falling into our arms). Otherwise if he wants to stop he just sits himself right down. He's gaining more confidence and has starting walking more around his brother. (I know it must be hard because Sebastian gets excited and then he accidentally gets knocked down.)

In the past week he has also starting signing back! We used baby signs with Sebastian and it was great. We have not been as consistent with Matteo, but he is finally starting to pick up on it. He is signing "more" and "all done." Still working on milk, eat and bath. =)

He is trying more and more to imitate what we say. For now his "words" are mama, dada, tat tat (for Sebastian), agga (water), ah dooo (all done), and ah choo (sneezing sound). He doesn't really do any on command - but I really think he is starting to understand much more and try to express himself which is exciting.

He loves water, juice, his che-che (milk), avocados, yogurt, and anything that someone else is eating. He loves to laugh and challenge you when he knows he's not supposed to do something. He still goes after all sorts of electrical cords if he can find them and can find the tiniest crumb to put in his mouth. He loves to dance, clap, play chase and peek-a-boo, shake his maracas and take his brother's cars. He is a book abuser (ie - always ripping them apart!) which drives his Mami crazy and upsets Sebastian. He still does not like the cold and cries when we put his coat on. Poor Florida baby. =)

So that's it for the Matteo update. In less than one month he will be 1 year old! Unbelievable!

Enjoy this video of one of the first times Matteo crossed the entire living room. And also signing more at the very end. (Click here if the video does not appear below.)

Family Birthdays

My cousin Carolyn turned 21 this weekend and we all gathered to celebrate. Here is Arlene (big sis) with Cani (baby sis) getting ready for the toast!


Even Matteo was ready to celebrate. He thinks he is super cool now because he can use the same cups as his big brother. So he totes his cup around with him whenever possible.

Matteo helped Cani open her presents.

Three out of five of us bought her the SAME card! Too funny!

We celebrated Lelo's birthday via Skype. Sebastian got a kick out of singing happy birthday, tried to blow out the candles and even ate some ice cream while they ate theirs in Florida. It was a pretty neat and unique birthday celebration. So nice to have all this technology since we are so far away. Happy birthday Lelo/Papa!

A Gator suprise, new foods and new friends!

Sebastian watching the snow come down...

We got a special package from Auntie/Godmother Tiffany the other day. The boys had a great time tearing everything open. Matteo particularly liked his brother's Gator toothbrush.

Sebastian reading his new Albert book and wearing his Florida hat. Coincidentally he was dressed in Gator colors that day too.

Matteo had to try the hat on too.

Sitting on Florida Field. I don't know where Aunti Tiff finds this stuff, but it's awesome! Thank you Auntie Tiff! Sebastian particularly liked setting up all the little Gator football player men on the field, but then his brother would just knock them down. So we'll have to play this during Matteo's nap times.

Once again this year Sebastian was very excited to get his Ashes at Ash Wednesday Mass.

Matteo playing with his new friends Adam and Zayd in the ball pool. It turns out that we live next door (!) to a young couple (yay, friends for us!) that recently moved here from Orlando (!) and have 14 month old twin boys that are perfect playmates for Matteo! It's been great since us Mamis are all here all day long we take turns going to each other's houses (right down the hall - no coats involved!) and the kids all have a great time. It's so nice to finally have a friend up here!

The other night we let Matteo try a french fry for the first time. I think he ate six. Oh boy.

My new neighbor friend Rema made us one of her traditional dishes, wheat and lentils with fried onions. It was delicious! I need to make her Puerto Rican lentils now. Matteo LOVED this dish....as you can see he even wanted to eat the dish!

He was covered head to toe and went straight to the bath.

Our local grocery store has Shuttle/Space Ship shopping carts! Sebastian loves this since one of his favorite bedtime stories is about going in a spaceship to touch the moon. (Yeah, thanks Obama for supporting the space program. Right. Way to keep the dream alive....)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun times with todders and a visit from Nana

Seriously, you have to do something to stay sane up here in the cold. So we busted out the inflatable pool and fun balls. The kids LOVED it. After a week of having a pool in my living room, I don't love it so much anymore, but they still love it. =) Matteo is especially a pro at getting in and out.

My little cruiser! He walks all the way up and down the hallway with his push toys! Soon he will really be walking on his own! He already takes like 5 or 6 steps, but then decides he can crawl faster so he'll sit himself down and go crawl. Stinker!

Here comes Matteo!

VIDEO - Matteo Cruising (Click here if the video does not appear below.)

We have this fold up playhouse that Sebastian has always loved. Now Matteo loves to go play in it too. He loves peek-a-boo and crawling in and out to surprise you. It's the cutest thing, but no one can make him laugh more than his brother. I think it's one of their favorite games these days.

VIDEO - Playing House (Click here if you don't see the video below.)

I pulled out my Cheerio Cookbook since both boys are such fans these days. We made these "Cheerio Surprises" the other day to take to Titi Arlyn's for dinner. Sebastian had fun hiding a mini-marshmallow surprise in each one.

Cuddle time with Nana!

Making cupcakes with Titi Arlyn.

Carolyn and Matteo.

Having a belated birthday party for Nana.

Matteo finally woke up, but he was a sleepy zombie for a bit. Such a sweet sleepy face!

We decided to let him have a little practice with some cake before his big day next month. He knew exactly what to do!

Trying to get a picture on Valentines Day before church. Yeah. Not happening.

Our best family shot on Valentines Day.

My baby.

Darlene (my MIL) invited us out for breakfast on Valentines Day. We happened upon a little Spanish restaurant complete with a Cuban guy playing music! He gave Sebastian a maraca and that was all he needed. Both boys had a great time dancing and we all enjoyed a marvelous breakfast! We can't wait to go back and try it sans-children sometime. =)

Happy boy.

Bye bye Nana! We had so much fun with you this weekend and can't wait to see you again in a few weeks!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Puerto Rico Part V - Goodbye and Videos

Sebastian entertained himself playing classic Pac-Man.

Excited to be going back to Boston! Not so excited about being on the plane for 4 hours though!

Luckily, Sebastian fell asleep for a bit. The flight was pretty empty, so we had room to spread out.

I went back a few rows and Matteo had a great time looking out the window.

Both kids were so good - we had a great flight!

Puerto Rico Part IV - La Fiesta!

So I have finally gone through all the hundreds of excellent party pictures and picked a few to share. We had a wonderful time at Abuela's 80th birthday party and it was great to see her so happy!


The boys are ready for the party!

Looking so grown up!

Abuela with all her kids.

With all the cousins (Daniel and Ana - we missed you!)

With the great-grandkids (we missed Logan!)

Me with my Abuela and Apapa.

The cook making the amazing and enormous paella!

Singing happy birthday with her two sisters, Elsa and Mireya.

Beautiful meringue cake.

Hanging out during the party.

Mr. Casanova. =) He kept picking out flowers and giving them to people.

Playing with Chisco.

Our dancer. He spun and spun for well over an hour (and it was midnight at this point!). Everyone had a hoot watching him entertain.

Feliz Cumpleanos Abuela! Y muchos mas!!!!