Thursday, September 22, 2011

More random…..


Just a cute smilin’ baby!


Big boys driving at Sears.


Sebastian is working really hard on his letters.  Poor kid has a hard time being patient and he wants it to look perfect, so this is very challenging.  But we have all year to work on it and already he has gotten his SEB down pat in the weeks since this was taken.  They expect so much from them before kindergarten now!!


My all time favorite picture by Sebastian.  I asked him what Matteo was doing in the picture and he said, “hitting me on the head.”  Typical. =)


Only because some friends have asked…here is my cloth diaper stash.  These are Matteo’s and have been used for about 2 years now.  He has 12 diapers and we wash everyday now that Luca wears them too.  We end up buying one big case of disposables every 3 months which we use overnight and when we are out of town, traveling, etc.


This is Luca’s stash of 12 – as you can see I branched out and got some prints!  Love them.  He has been in these from about 3 weeks old.  We love cloth diapering – it has been fun, cute, economical and environmentally friendly to boot!


(Now on to September pictures!)

Little Memories…

These are just some pictures from the last few weeks of August.  Little moments and memories that if not “captured” in some way will someday be forgotten.  The everyday stuff that is ME right now.  I don’t want to forget them. They help me remember how blessed I am.


Matteo giving snuggles to Daddy after work.


Sebastian looking proud because he choose a healthy snack.


Luca’s “why is this camera always in my face” look.


A happy smile because I walked by…


Excited boy because he is beating his Lita at playing UNO.


Matteo guarding some of his treasures in the laundry basket.


Luca’s favorite place, snuggling with Mami and milk.  This image with each of my kids is one I hope I will always be able to remember…

First Day of School–VPK and Tiny Two’s

The first day of school came much faster than I ever expected.  I thought the summer would be so long with having a newborn and the boys home all the time, but it flew by.  I now have a Pre-K boy and a Tiny Two’s boy!  Wow!


Picture with Daddy before he left for work!


And with Mami!


Note from Mami for his lunch box.  This was the first time he had lunch at school and he was so excited!


His lunch in his new lunch box.  I LOVE this lunch box for him so far.  It’s the perfect size for a kids lunch, he can open it easily and everything is in one place and one REUSABLE container!  His sandwich goes in the top.


All ready to go!




VPK – here comes Sebastian with a shark face!!!


Matteo was pretty excited.  Especially about his lunch box with his snack in it. =)


Outside his classroom, just like last year!


Bye, Mami!  No butterflies here!

Here is last year’s first day of school post if you want to see how much he’s grown!


Matteo’s first day was really just a big play date for the kids and parents to explore the classroom together.  It was a lot of fun!  Matteo walked right in and started playing on his own, so I just sat down at the little table.  He did not come back to look for me for 30 minutes!  He was having a great time.





Since he had so much fun, interacted super well with the teachers and didn’t even look for me I hoped it would be a smooth transition for when I left him the following Monday.  He only goes 2 times a week for 3 hours, but he’s never done anything like this so I was still a little unsure!

Matteo at School

You can see here how thrilled he was!!!

Sebastian’s first day thoughts

Sebastian also had a great first day.  I think he liked the excitement because for the entire week he kept asking if it was the first day of school again.


Kisses from Daddy on his real first day of school.  Still very excited…


Big boy!


I think the uncertainty started as we walked in…


He loves his backpack!

So, it was a rough first drop off.  Even though he was prepped, I think he really thought he was going to get to stay with his big brother at school and that’s when he got upset.  Then he didn’t want to part with his lunch box because he wanted to eat his snack NOW.  I stayed and spied for about an hour and he wasn’t crying but didn’t look happy either. =(  In the end, now about 6 weeks later as I write this, all is good and I think he is really enjoying school.

Matteo’s Thoughts about School

Here’s his account of his first day.  I think he was most excited about the new toy I bought him!


His “good job on the first day of school” treat.

We are off and running on a new school year!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend at Jetty Park

We love it when my parents take the RV to Jetty Park.  It’s a great beach for the kids and then instead of getting into the car all sandy, wet and tired we just walk over to the campground, hose off, change and can sit in the AC or hang out outside if it’s nice!  Perfect!  We have completely ruined real camping for our children!  This weekend was especially fun because we were joined by Daniel, Emily and Logan.


The crew hard at play.


Angelica and Sebastian worked on lots of building in the sand.



Logan loves the beach!

Matteo loves filling up his buckets.


Fun new “wide angle” setting on the camera.


Lelo with Luca and Logan.


Naps don’t happen on beach days, so we settled everyone in for a video to have some down time while we cooled off in the RV during the hottest time of the day.


Then it was back to the beach!  Luca and I hung out in our little tent.


This is how he enjoyed the beach.  Guess what he was doing… =)


I didn’t get too much time in the water, but I still enjoyed my view from the tent with Luca.


Out go the cruise ships!


All of us playing in the water.


Luca and great-grandma/Abu.  So sweet!  Great weekend at the beach!

Early August Randomness!


My handsome husband.


Uncle Corey reading books to the boys.  Even Luca looks interested!


Sebastian recently started drawing people.  I LOVE his people.  They are precious!


Sebastian’s first self-portrait.


Enjoying bath time!


Sweet boy!

Sleeping in the swing, a rare moment!

The semi-smile.  =)

Hanging out with Mami.