Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! =)

Sebastian, 3 1/2, Matteo 21 months. My smiling boys. =)

The next few photos are the process we went through to get the above photo. First, Sebastian will only wear these blue sweatpants unless I fight with him for about 30 minutes to wear something else. So I was cool with the pants for this picture. And he wanted his ocean wave red shirt. Whatever. At least it was red. But he was excited to get the picture taken. He was ready.

Sebastian - great smile! Matteo - you aren't dressed yet! You need pants. But he was ready too (so he thought).

Sebastian - still going with the cheesy smile. Matteo - these toys are fun! And they sing!

Little reindeer.

Instrument shot didn't quite go as planned. I guess they are just too distracting. =) It was fun anyways. Love doing at home photo shoots! =)

You have here it is. Baby belly #3 at 18.5 weeks. (I'm now 20 weeks, just haven't taken a picture yet!)

And here's the little surprise treasure that's inside!

Baby's head profile.

VIDEO - Baby G3 Sonogram
(Click here if the video does not appear below.)
We were surprised to learn that we were getting a CD with all the images and some video clips. So I put this little clip together. It might be hard to decipher, but we were excited to see! And no, we didn't find out, so come May we'll have a fun surprise to share with everyone!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Random parts of our week =)

This is Matteo's "I'm trying to look like I'm pouting, but I'm about to laugh at you" face.

Where did my baby go!?!?

So handsome....

And feeding himself all on his own too!

Setting up the train around the Christmas tree was very exciting for the kids....although not so exciting for the Mami. Turns out this train is LOUD and I can only take like 10 minutes of it going round and round singing its' little songs without feeling like I'm going to go crazy. Thank goodness they have been playing well with it and not wanting to use it ALL day.

Matteo thought the remote for the train was a phone.

He wanted to help set up the tracks. Sebastian just wanted it ON!

My little Rudolph.

A very scary ginger bread man. Had to be documented!

Angelica and Sebastian - best buddies.

Getting ready to make Christmas cookies with Mami at Lita's house.

First batch in the oven!

Sebastian loves making the cookies - and eating them too. He LOVES sugar cookies!

Matteo was more interested in sneaking dough to eat and trying to catch all the runaway sprinkles so he could eat those too.

Our finished cookie platters - presents for his teachers at school with homemade Christmas cards.

Sebastian was sooooo excited to give his gifts to his teachers.

Matteo has recently fallen in love with Curious George. He found this little stuffed George at my mom's and suddenly, said "George, George!" I had no idea he knew who it was or how to say it. But now George is a favorite and he is even sleeping with him at night. Who knew?!?

The boys went to the zoo so Mami could get the house cleaned up this weekend.

Sebastian got to touch an alligator!

And Matteo did too!

They visited the petting zoo part this time, but Matteo has a fist-full of acorns in his hands, so the whole time Paul was worried the animals would try to bite his hand to get the acorns. But Matteo wouldn't let go of them! He loves collecting rocks and acorns anytime he sees them these days....

Parties, Parties, Parties!!!

We threw a little bridal shower for my sister-in-law to be last weekend. Everything was lovely!

We can't wait for the wedding!

We celebrated Papa's birthday. Sebastian was very concerned on Papa's actual birthday that we were missing his party, so we had one the next time we were over at their house.

Uncle Corey had fun with his nephews.

We hosted a little party/book exchange with Matteo's playgroup.

This was the best group picture we could manage.

This was the next shot I captured. Geesh....getting harder and harder to just get them in the same frame - let along looking and smiling!!

Sebastian had a "Happy Birthday, Jesus" party at his school on the last day before break. As soon as Matteo walked into the classroom, he was thrilled to see Sebastian, walked right over to the circle of kids and sat in his brother's lap. They were both so cute.

Sebastian trying his ice cream cone cup cake.

Apparently Sebastian wants a tricycle - even though we already have two! I think he means a bike. We'll he's not getting one just yet, but soon!

Matteo had a ball playing in his brother's classroom with all the big kids. He jumped right in.

Sebastian was very excited to give us the presents he made us.

His school picture ornament. It's a keeper! Soooooooo adorable! I loved it.

And his candle, which he told us is very fragile so we had to be careful. =)

We had a little party at church with the playgroup there too. As long as there is lots of food, my boys love it!

Sebastian was all about opening his new book.

Matteo just held his and stood there telling me no, no, no - that he did not want to open it! This is his NO NO NO face!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmastime Celebrations!

Last weekend we went to a Bethlehem Walk set up by a local church nearby. We went two years ago and I loved it - live animals and such beautiful displays, costumes, everything. I couldn't wait to take the kids this year.

Matteo's favorite parts were the animals, seeing the star hanging above the manger....

And he loved seeing baby Jesus! He kept saying, "baby, baby!" and I even had to take him back again to see the Nativity scene. I was particularly touched because the baby Jesus (a baby boy about 2 months old) was fussing and his Mama discreetly as ever let him nurse, right there as all the people walked by and admired the scene. It was such a beautiful and natural thing to see and I was so proud of that young mother, taking care of "Jesus" without a care.

The next morning we went to a wonderful family Christmas event put on by Paul's work.

The kids both loved the animated reindeer.

Love that face. So much excitement about things this Christmas!

Angelica and Sebastian had fun decorating ornaments.

Daddy and Matteo worked on some too.

And then decorated a glitter pine cone. Very cute!

Sebastian loved the glitter!

Later that evening we went to the Light Parade in town. It is so nice to have our family gathered for these traditions. I grew up going to our community's parade and already I see how much my kids and our whole family enjoy it.

Reindeer Angelica.

Matteo watching.

Sebastian clapped along and waved to everyone.

When Matteo wasn't busy waving or clapping too....

...he was begging for someone to give him yummy treats. The kids ate a bunch of Nerds and had a lollipop - his first ever! He's got a serious sweet tooth.

Both sets of grandparents with our children. Can't wait to add one more kid in there in May! We are so blessed to have them be such a special part of the kids lives!

After the parade, we were home for some yummy, homemade chicken pasta soup and yeast rolls. It was my first attempt at soup from scratch (not in a crock pot) and it turned out delicious! We ate the whole pot!