Thursday, October 30, 2008

Daddy's Buddy & Pumpkin Patch

On Tuesday Paul and I went in for our 19 week sonogram and everything looked great! We were so happy to see the baby moving around and the little heart beating. I would put up some pics, but honestly, only the eyes of a mother can even tell much from the pictures! They are not very clear and it's tough to make out features. Oh well...we got spoiled with Sebastian's 3D sonogram - our new doctor doesn't offer that. The best part is that everything is on track and looking good. Enjoy Sebastian's newest escapades!

Daddy's helper. He wants to do whatever Daddy's doing!

My boys!

Last weekend we had the chance to go to the La Leche League's Annual Parenting Conference in Daytona Beach. It was my birthday trip and we had such a wonderful weekend! It was too cool and windy for the beach, but we enjoyed all the activities so much! We attended excellent parenting sessions ranging from potty training, toddlerhood, birthing methods, and Dad support circles. Our favorite sessions by far though were when we got to hear Dr. Sears speak about Attachment Parenting and Vaccinations. Both sessions were so wonderful and informative and inspire us to know that our decisions do not only feel right, but also have much medical and professional research to back us up. It was so neat to be surrounded by so many families and parents that are raising their children how we are. You can learn more about Dr. Sears at their web site You can search AP and Vaccinations from there as well.

Sebastian with his drum before the drumming circle began on the opening night.

Saturday night's family activities included more drumming and songs, as well as making giant bubbles with fly swatters. The kids were crazy about this!

On Monday Sebastian's lab school class visited a local pumpkin patch. When we arrived he got a pumpkin sticker. This was really his first experience with stickers and wow, did he love it! He kept sticking it on and taking it off and looking at it with this proud face. I had to ask for an extra for later because I knew there would be a melt down when his sticker stopped being sticky... =)

The boys from the class sitting on the pumpkins. We didn't even pose them - one sat on a pumpkin and then they all sat down. So cute!

Sebastian being sweet and sharing with his friend Max.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cristina's Birthday

Below are some pictures from my birthday two weekends ago. We enjoyed time with our families celebrating.

My dad came over during the week and we went out to dinner. Here is Sebastian playing with his "Le Lo" as he says Abuelo.

We always do one big Giammarinaro family October birthday since we are all so close together in October. This year, Sebastian made birthday cards for his Uncle Corey, Aunt Kim and Uncle Jeff. So creative!

On the morning of my birthday opening my card from Sebastian. He also got me a massage...mmmm.!

Happy birthday at my mom's house.

Angelica drew me this beautiful family portrait for my birthday. I think it's our first family drawing! We are all wearing "Gators" as she called it and dressed in orange and blue. I love Paul's spikey hair.

Sebastian hearing his Anca read him a story. He LOVES seeing his Anca. He asks about her every single day, multiple times even. It is so cute to see them together because he just adores her.

Busy Weekend filled with buses and planes!

Friday, we went to Playground Pals at the church. Forever ago I blogged about Sebastian's first art project....well, here is the picture finally! It was up on the bulletin board so I had not had a chance to get a picture.

As you can see, he LOVES seeing his "wawa" or bus on the board. The whole playtime he kept wanting to go out to see his bus. He was so excited when we got to take it home too!

Saturday we lathered up with sunscreen and went to the Melbourne air day to see some planes. Sebastian is wearing his airplane shirt from his Abuelo.

Abuelo met us at the airport with his plane. Sebastian liked going inside the big planes, especially this one that he got to sit and co-pilot with his Le Lo.

Flying yet another plane. He was a happy boy!

Sunday we celebrated my sister-in-laws birthday at a park on the beach. The weather was nice and Sebastian was thrilled to find a bus parked nearby!

Playing peek-a-boo with Daddy.

Our cutie. =)

Please keep us in your prayers in the coming weeks as we have our "big" sonogram coming up on October 28. They will be doing lots of measuring and checking to make sure everything is going well! I feel so blessed to be feeling great this time, with only minor discomforts like headaches and backaches occasionally. We'll make sure to post next week with any exciting news!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Funny Sebastian Stories

Since I don't keep a baby book, bear with me as I tell a few funny stories of things that have happened lately...

  • At church a few weeks ago we were saying a special blessing for all the catechists. The priest asked everyone to raise their hand as we prayed over them. So Paul and I did it and look at Sebastian between us and he has his little hand raised too. He was quite proud of himself. It was a very sweet moment and of course Paul and I couldn't contain ourselves and laughed the whole blessing. I think God understands...
  • We were doing some shopping at SAMs club and as we passed the huge bins of giant pumpkins (everyone knows SAMs has the biggest ones around!) Sebastian points and! Again, too cute...
  • He loves to mimic words, noises and actions. While this can be very cute it can also be quite dangerous!! The other day Paul said "crap" and Sebastian promptly repeated it. Also, whenever Paul burps, Sebastian does an imitation burp. We try to keep a straight face when he does it, but it is so funny that he knows he is up to something. Then we were driving through a icky part of town and I said "sketch" which he said quickly too.
  • He is obsessed and I mean crazy obsessed with school buses. Well, any kind of bus really, but school buses are the max. We have to listen to "the wheels on the bus" cd in the car at all times. Finally on Sunday we told him it was Jesus day and we were not going to listen to "wheels on the bus." Thank you Jesus! I even look up school bus videos on youtube for him to watch.

Okay, enough anecdotes and on to the pictures.

Sebastian, my brother and sister-in-law with their new beagle puppy, Lexi.

What a crew. Sebastian with his friends Elias and Michael. I can't believe we managed to get this great picture!
Sebastian with his first friend Finn. The boys are just getting so big!

This was last Saturday - a memorable day because it was the first day Sebastian had no nap. It was brutal. Here we are driving back from Orlando to go home to Melbourne. He can not even keep his eyes open, but he keeps asking for crackers and trying to eat as his head rolled all over the place. We were, of course, listening to "the wheels on the bus" and if we even tried to turn it off because he looked asleep he would catch us and say "wa wa, wa wa!" Wa wa is the word for bus in Spanish. So that was a very long day.

Today was the first time he jumped on the trampoline! I had been showing it to him for weeks and he would never even get near it. But today he just climbed right on. I knew he'd like it!

Loving the ball pit. He spent a good 20 minutes in here today bouncing, jumping and throwing the balls. He LOVED it!