Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer Pool Party!

Before Papa and Nana left for Michigan we took Luca to Orlando for the first time and had a fun family day at Sarah's parent's house.

Matteo started getting more confident with his floaties.

Uncle and Aunt Sarah got the boys kick boards. It really helped Sebastian to work on his kicking. Need to get this kid in some swim lessons!

Luca slept through the fun.

The boys.

Breaking for watermelon - one of Matteo's favorites!

Sebastian "surprised" Uncle and pushed him into the pool. He couldn't stop laughing about it later. Silly boy!

The fam, Summer 2011.

Later we went to the Stafstroms. Fooze ball was a big hit.

Daniel even thought it was cool to hold baby Luca.

Matteo didn't nap that day. At 4:30 we were just playing and I literally look over and he was fast asleep in the middle of the floor. Poor kid! It was a fun weekend!

Luca's Baptism Continued

So I'm about to give up on using Live Writer to update the blog. It was so much easier, but I just keep having problems, which is the main reason I haven't been blogging regularly. I think it's our computer that is the problem honestly. I am finally going to try to finish up with the pictures from Luca's baptism! Until we can a new computer I just need to do it the long, old-fashioned way! =)

Beautiful picture of Daddy and baby Luca. He looks so different already - he was only 6 weeks old here!

Talking with Papa and Nana.

My brother and his family.

Sebastian loving on his Aca. =)

Tina getting some baby time!

Matteo and Angelica hanging out.

For old times sakes....here is Sebastian's baptism picture.


And Luca's.....some resemblances, but he has his own little look too!

Friday, August 05, 2011

Luca’s Baptism and Father’s Day



We started out the baptism day celebrating Father’s Day with some gifts for Paul.  The boys were more than happy to help.


Just the guys.  Poor Luca seems to be naked in lots of pictures….must be a 3rd child thing…


My favorite family picture of the day. =)


Luca with his Godparents, Uncle Corey and Aunt Sarah.


Fr. Tobin was awesome and helped make our baptism so beautiful.  It was such a special day to welcome Luca into our Catholic family!






Paul presenting Luca to our community.  There are so many beautiful things about baptism.  We love that we are able to have our baptism during the Mass and were able to do full immersion as we have with the other boys.  It’s such a beautiful and symbolic ritual and so many people are genuinely touched by the experience.


With my family.


With Paul’s family.


With the Stafstroms.


With the Frewin’s and with Auntie Tiffany.


My handsome boys!


The Silva side cousins with Dads and Lelo.


What a beautiful baptism day!  Luca, you are such a special treasure God has entrusted to us!


After Mass we headed back to the house for lunch and celebration.


The spread!


Delicious bread cross that you can order from Publix.  Great price and it’s tasty and beautiful!


The tables were all ready for our feast!


Little chocolate favors I made for everyone.


Boys and their Nana.


Abu and Sebastian.  Such a cute picture.

(I am having problems with the blog, so this is going to have to continue in a second post….more to come.)

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Auntie Tiffany with her Boys

As soon as we returned from Boston, I went right into planning mode again to get everything ready for Luca’s baptism, which was also on Father’s Day. And our Auntie Tiffany (my college friend and Matteo’s God mother) came into town too! Of course we had to show her all the coolest kid places in town! =)

The Zoo! Our first trip there with Luca. Certainly not a job just for Mami at this point…too hot and too much to juggle for now!


We checked out the giraffes.


We went to Gymbo’s birthday party at Gymboree.


I think the parachute is the boys favorite part.


We hung out in the playroom and Auntie Tiff got Luca snuggles.


The day of the baptism.

What a great visit! We can't wait to see you again soon! Muah!