Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sebastian’s 4th Birthday

In mid-May, Sebastian turned 4!  Wow - I have a preschooler now!  I can't believe it.  My life has changed A LOT in four years!  We wanted to make sure to make his birthday special since we have been going through so many changes with adding Luca to our family.  We asked Sebastian what he would like to do for his special birthday “date” and he had it all planned out.


So Sebastian and Daddy first went to our little local pizza joint and shared a pie.

Then they went bowling. =)


He opened his present from Mami and Daddy.

A new big boy bike!

Taking his new wheels out for a spin.

He requested his favorite foods for dinner – plain pasta with cheese on it, meatloaf with ketchup and peas.

Daddy made him a “moon cake” that he wanted.  It looked pretty cool!

Boy, our family has grown since his birthday 4 years ago!

Time to sing and blow out candles.

He loved trying out his new camera from Papa and Nana.

They also celebrated his birthday at school.  I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, but we made airplane cookies to take in to share with his friends during snack time.

He had a second birthday party the next week when Angelica, Titi and Abu came over.  Mami didn’t go all out with a moon cake, but I stayed with the space theme.

He LOVED the present from Lelo and Lita – a hammock!  Now we just have to get it all set up so they can enjoy it.  For now, we play with it inside and pretend it’s a boat.

Matteo go a present too – I couldn’t help myself!  He adores the Llama Llama books and Kohl’s had the books and stuffed Llamas.  The books were sold out by the time I went, but I did get him his Llama which has joined his collection of  friends that sleep in his bed in a precisely organized pile each night.

The rocket gift from Titi, Abu and Anca was a big hit.

He loves playing with it and even gave it a kiss goodnight. =)


It’s been a great year of firsts for Sebastian.  Starting school, riding a bike, new house and friends – what a year!  Te quiero much mi guapo – my sweet boy, I love you!  Happy Birthday!