Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Soccer

This year we decided to have Sebastian try out soccer for the first time.  The really nice thing about how our league is set up is that we can choose a non-competitive track that just meets once a week for a 40 minute practice/drills, followed by a 20 minute scrimmage game.  This is the perfect trial for us, especially since it doesn’t commit us to soccer every weekend.  I’m sure those type of commitments will come soon enough….

So here is a look at Sebastian’s first 6 weeks of soccer…


There was a big kick off for the kids to run around the field, meet the coach, etc.  The kids were super excited…


I think Matteo thought he would get to play too.


Testing out his new shin-guards.


He was soooo ready for his first practice.  So excited to wear his tall socks and meet his teammates.  Only problem…it was POURING rain. 


But, I couldn’t deny that face.  We hadn’t heard if practice was officially canceled – and they are supposed to play in the rain as long as there is no thunder.  So I explained that the coach would have to decide and let us know.  We all piled in the car and sat in the parking lot at the field (in the rain ) and they finally told us it was canceled. =(  Luckily he took it okay.


The next week we were on vacation in Michigan so he missed practice, so the following week we were treated to this interesting warm up experience.  He just kept saying, I don’t want to dance, I want to play soccer!


Teo and Luca wore their matching soccer outfits.


The following week they got their jerseys.


Starting to get the hang of things…


Taking a water break!


His pose for his soccer pictures.


End of practice huddle with Coach Mike.


Matteo looking all soccer player-ish.  There are so many 2 year old siblings, they could have a whole team!


Kicking a goal!!!!


Playing “kick the coach” with his ball.


When the scrimmage, Sebastian always wants to be on the orange shirt team.  I really think it’s his favorite part of soccer.


So thankful that Paul is able to leave work a bit early so he can meet me at the field to help keep Matteo entertained.  They usually have a blast either kicking the ball around, going to the playground or just playing.


This is what practice in the rain looks like!!!


Good thing Luca loves his sling – he was warm, dry and cuddly in there the entire hour!

Trip to the Farm


We decided to spend the day out at Green Meadows Petting Farm recently.  It certainly didn’t feel like fall here in Florida yet, but it was a good day.  Luca spent some time with Daddy.


The boys got to pet and hold baby ducks and chicks.  They loved that part.

Matteo really wanted to hold them by himself (as he wants to do IMG_1564everything by himself these days), but they were so squirm it was tough.  He kept trying to kiss them.


That pig is HUGE!!!


Thirsty pig.


I had fun chasing and catching the ducks.


Luca looking cute on the hayride.


Hayride time for this Gator family!


Sebastian went on his first pony ride.  Matteo didn’t want to.  I don’t blame him.  Really, Matteo’s favorite part of the farm was getting to ride around in the wagon and hold his cooler/lunchbox. =)


Milking a cow, kind of…


There was this really cool, old fire truck for the kids to play on. Matteo LOVED climbing up and making siren noises.


Boys on the truck.


Lots of fun tractors to climb around on.


They loved the playgrounds too.


Hot, sweaty, sandy, sticky, dirty boys in the wagon…finally done with our full day at the farm.  Next year we will try to go in the “real” fall!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

September Adventures


I jumped into bread making for the first time.  It was fun!  But I haven’t done it since….hahha!


Everyone thought it was delicious!


Luca’s favorite sleeping place.


He loves to chew on his fingers.  His poor brother’s put this hat on him.


Getting ready for bedtime with my boys.  Can life get much crazier??  Don’t answer!!  =)  I love it!


I was honored to be with one of my best friend’s when she gave birth to her little boy, Jace.  It was so special and amazing!  It was also the first (and only!) time I have left Luca – it was 3 1/2 hours and he was not a happy camper when Daddy tried to give him a bottle of Mami milk.  Poor guy!


Later that week we went to Jace’s Bris.  Luca was looking handsome for it, but fell asleep.


Logan came to town and all the boys got to go play at Gymboree together!  Fun times!


Matteo loves it!


Sebastian had fun playing in his friend Henry’s tree-house. 


During the party they made volcanoes – cool!!!


We went to a pirate themed birthday party too….ahrrrr!!!


Luca loves laughing at himself in the mirror.  He isn’t a belly-laugh kinda guy.  He giggles a little, but we have never really gotten huge laughs from him!  Must just be how he is – he is always smiling though!


I don’t know what this craziness with their cousin is all about.  Let’s just say this is why they can’t all play unsupervised!!  =)  They all have so much fun when Aca is around.


We borrowed a friend’s Sophie giraffe to see what all the hubub is about with this $20 rubber toy.  (Yes, $20!!!!)  Well, Luca did like it, he loved chewing on it, but we are not buying one.  We have plenty of toys.  Plus Paul called it the dog toy.


Matteo and Luca have really become buddies in the past few weeks.  He is always happy to go sit next to Luca if I am going to run the disposal or the blender, is always looking for toys for him, and I took this picture because Matteo asked me if  he could “hold Luca and snuggle and then watch TV with him.”  So sweet.  I love this picture, one of my most favorite yet.


This big boy is starting to like his stroller!  Except he refuses to lean back – he always wants to lean way forward and hold on to the tray in the front.


Luca with his new buddy, Jace.  They are 3 months apart.


A rare nice smiling moment!  My boys are getting so big!


Luca is like, get me outta here!!!!


Matteo loves chocolate.  He thoroughly enjoyed this chocolate pop from his cousin’s first birthday in Puerto Rico.  Thanks Olgita!


Look Mami!  I like to push myself up and backwards all over the room!  I never stay on my blanket anymore!  Mobile baby – watch out!


Sebastian also thought this was a photo-worthy moment.  I love that he will run for his camera when something special happens.


Sweet fascination…


Look who found their toes!!!  So cute.


The mirror typically keeps him in the same spot a few minutes longer…


We have this same photo of the other two boys as well.


Daddy playing UNO with the boys before bedtime.  Sometimes Luca plays too.  =)


More September photos coming soon I hope, even though it’s October, I know!