Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Pictures from the Last Few Weeks

Lots of brotherly love these days....well, except when Sebastian is practically choking Matteo or Matteo is holding onto Sebastian so tight and won't let go that they both fall to the floor. But it's cute for all of the first 3 seconds that no one is screaming yet!

My little guy is already talking and driving. Never mind that he is also in his underwear...

Matteo's first skinned knee. =(

Just relaxing at the playground.

Stealing each others snacks.

Really - he was having fun on the swings, but he was always making this scrunchy face. Too funny.

Blasting off!

They made themselves comfortable to watch the Gator game. Right ON the snack table.

With Uncle and Sarah.

When Matteo takes a nap, Mami and Sebastian try to do fun things we can't do easily with Matteo around. Like build really, really, really tall towers!

And practice using our scissors. I love the concentration mouth.

At girls night with my Orlando friends! So nice to see everyone - it was a great, kid-free night!

Getting into trouble....they had to pull out every single DVD and VHS in the least they think cleaning them up is fun too!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day at the Kennedy Space Center

On Saturday, we took advantage of the "Free Brevard County Residents Weekend" at the Kennedy Space Center. I was convinced that it was going to be crazy packed, especially since each Brevard resident could bring in up to 5 additional guests! What a steal right?! So although it opened at 9 am, I made sure everyone in our group was in the parking lot by 8 am so we could get in line early and be in FIRST. you can see below, we were.... ahem.... FIRST. I am not going to live this one down for a long, long time....

Just us and a big, empty parking lot. One hour to wait...

Sebastian didn't seem to mind as he walked around and asked to take pictures with all the signs leading into the parking lot.

First in line at the ticket booth! So much fun that Lelo, Rolando, Nana, Papa and the Frewin's were all able to join us!

Taking a look inside his first space capsule.

Daddy's ready to blast off!

Matteo wants to go too!

Sebastian kept going in and out and saying, "We're here! We landed on the moon!"

In and out some more. I guess this is why we got there so early so there wouldn't be too many people annoyed with his constant turns.

Matteo really wanted to walk holding Papa's hand. So cute.

Sebastian and Jackson exploring the moon together.

Oh the buses! I think they were as much of a hit as everything else. So much so that we actually bought him a miniature one in the gift shop to bring home to play with.

Space and buses. What more could a 3 year old ask for?! (You'll see those pictures further down...)

Poor Matteo couldn't take it anymore...he passed out mid-tour. But here we are with the VAB.

With the Saturn IV Rocket.

With Lelo. Yay!

Space Shuttle.

This is at about 4 pm. Both kids were out....what a long day.

He never naps like this in his stroller...but he was exhausted! The IMAX movie just didn't keep his attention.

After a recharging nap, he went on to eat a serving of pasta and THREE slices of pizza. I don't know how he does it.

After pizza we went to the airport to see the plane my dad recently flew back to Florida from Ohio. Here Sebastian is running down the taxiway flying like an airplane.

It's like a chair on wings. CRAZY!!!!! (Okay, maybe a love seat, but just barely!!)


Just Matteo's size, he loved it too.

Our future pilot boy.

With Lelo in his airplane.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We geared up for a fun Labor Day weekend hosting family and friends and of course, kicking off the Gator football season. We finally had my best friend Sarah and her family over to the house and everyone had a great time. Our game days sure have changed!!! =)

Playing outside with the water toys.

Splashing poor Chase.

After lots of playing outside the boys were ready for some football!

Note how the kids took up the whole couch! We just watched the game standing up and chasing after them mostly. But at least we got to watch it! We don't have cable so I thought for sure we would be watching it online, but it turns out our long cable to connect our computer to the TV came so we were able to hook everything up and watch the game on our TV via It worked out great!

Matteo was pretty into it. Anytime he sees a gator he goes "chomp, chomp" and Sebastian has "orange and blue" chants down pat this season.

Took a break from the game for some hot dogs for lunch.

Sunday we had our families over to grill for lunch. We had yummy steak and just hung out. Then after, of course the kids went out to play in the water.

I love this picture. He is on such a mission - what an expression!

Matteo just likes to climb in and out of the pool.

Sebastian and Tyler just relaxing.

Great shot by Aunt Sarah of Sebastian and Uncle Corey.

Watching large, mysterious fish flop around in the pond behind our house. I think it's the only picture were they are all together in the shot, so I had to use it!! =) Happy Labor Day!