Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sebastian is on the move!

With Sebastian on the move there has been less and less time to update the blog since we spend more and more time vacuuming our floors! =) We've hit several big milestones in the past few weeks:

  • He's saying (although I don't think he makes any connection)
  • His slither moves to a real crawl! Yeah!
  • Now cruising around on the furniture
  • He's starting to use a sippy cup (no where near mastering it, but it's a start!)
  • His top two teeth are coming in!
  • He's almost waving bye-bye (only when he feels like it)
  • We think he may be signing "milk" back to us (but again, we're not really sure - might just be wishful thinking)
  • He's giving "high-fives"
So a lot has happened and fast! Here are a few random photos.

Taking a break from the hard work of crawling.

Riding on my airplane that Abuelo made for Mami when she was a baby. He loves spinning the propeller!

Playing with the activity table at Nana and Papas.

"Cruising" on the sofa at home in his favorite outfit. =)

Sebastian still loves to be in his sling with Mami. On one of his cruising adventures he grabbed the sling off the couch and dragged it over to me like "Mami, pick me up and cuddle!"

Nephew Tyler (almost 5) and God-daughter Angelica (almost 6) at Uncle Corey's for Nana's birthday.
Sebastian was cracking up at Uncle Corey's duck puppet.

Taking a nap on his little bed at Abuelita's house. He looks like such a big boy!!


Sebastian giving Daddy a high-five. Click on the image or play button to watch.