Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Luca's Second Week

Everyone wants to help with everything!

Lita has showed the boys how to play this ABC computer game that they love. I still can't believe how quickly both of them caught on to playing it!

They love when Luca can play on the floor. Matteo says, "Luca on the blan-key-et." Then he piles all the baby toys on the blanket with him.

Today Matteo wanted his baby doll to snuggle Luca. =)

Luca got to see his first (and second to last ever) shuttle launch.

Luca seeing the launch.

Luca likes his sling! I love how he just watches the world.

Or snoozes cuddled up with Mami.

With the Giammarinaro grandparents.

Trying out the K'tan. He likes that one too. =)

Figuring out how to do bedtime stories with three kids is tricky. If I'm lucky and Luca is sleeping, I can put him in the sling like this and read the boys their stories.

Monday, May 30, 2011

First Communion

This was the year of the First Communions. My goddaughter/cousin Angelica, our nephew Tyler and Paul's godson Daniel all received First Communion during May. Unfortunately, we were too close to our due date to travel to Orlando for Tyler and Daniel's. Angelica's was when Luca was only 1 week old, so although I didn't go to the church, I was at least able to celebrate with the family at the house.

It was also the first time Abu (great grandmother) was able to meet Luca!

All ready to go to the Church. This dress was handmade by a great Aunt in Colombia and worn by two other of my Colombian cousins as well.

Daddy with Luca, at a week old.

Here is a pictures of Sebastian and Daddy in June of 2007 - same outfits! =)

Daddy with the boys. Matteo didn't want to go with the brown, but at least we have stripes. =)

Mami with all the girls....boy it's crazy with all of us sometimes!