Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quick Catch Up

We have been working with Sebastian to brush his teeth - which he does not like at all. So after each tooth brushing session he gets a sticker - which he LOVES. The other day we brushed his teeth before bedtime and he went to sleep with his sticker on his shirt as usual. Well sometime in the night, he must have decided to put it on his bellybutton and when I went to check on him before we went to bed this is what I found! We had a pretty good laugh.

This past weekend we took my goddaughter Angelica to her first Florida Gator's Football game versus Citadel. It was beautiful weather in Gainesville and so nice to be back for a game! She was so excited, but the concept of UF being our school was pretty tricky for a 6 year old to understand. Whenever someone walked by she would ask if they were our friend. =)

In front of the fountain at St. A's Catholic Student Center, our home away from home in Gainesville.

The proud Gator girl. She was so interested in the game and had a great time!

With Albert and Alberta.

During bathtime playing with his super-sized rubber ducky, a gift from his Lelo (Abuelo).

Building block towers, one of his favorite activities these days. He's getting much better at it - they get taller and taller!

With Titi Monica at the beach. It was cool, but nice weather and he had fun seeing the water and blowing kisses at all the birds.

We are looking forward to a nice family Thanksgiving and of course the UF -v- FSU football game on Saturday. Now that we are a divided family (my brother's wife Emily is an FSU grad) the stakes are high! Go Gators and Happy Thanksgiving! We are so very blessed and are so thankful for all the blessings we have in our lives.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Space Shuttle Night Launch

On Friday we went to see a beautiful night launch from the river apartment in Cocoa. We had quite the gathering with my Abuelo, Nana, Papa, Aunt Kim, Cousin Tyler, Tio Daniel, Titi Emily, and friends Sarah, Nathan and Jackson. The kids all stayed up and were interested (although I think they liked the bright moon even better!). It was a beautiful launch and we all savored the moment since it's said to be the last night launch of the shuttle program.

Playing the mini bongos with Abuelo. Sebastian loves instruments and being LOUD!

I think this has to be the best picture we've taken of Sebastian with his cousin Tyler. They never both cooperate at the same time when we pose them and of course this was completely unposed. Sebastian wanted to sit on Tyler's lap and it was a great picture!

This week Sebastian decided to start trying to feed himself with his spoon totally out of the blue! I'm really quite happy because it would be great if he'd be more interested in feeding himself. At first he was pretending with his empty bowl and then we put some Cheerios in it so he could actually pick something up on the spoon. He was so proud of himself when he could accomplish it. I love the look on his face in this picture.

Ah.....he loves having a stay-at-home Mami. =) Watching his afternoon Barney with Chex cereal in his snack cup and sliced grapes in his bowl. He watched the whole 30 minute episode like this.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Happy Halloween and First Trip to Disney World

Two busy weekends in a row for our family! Enjoy the pictures!

Sebastian at the church playgroup on Halloween. He went as a Gator fan.

The kids all went on a "parade" around the school and church offices. It was very cute. Sebastian even carried his bag for a few minutes.

Playing on the playground after the parade.

Later that evening we headed to Orlando so Sebastian and Angelica could go Trick or Treating. Sebastian wore his Gator fan track suit and Angelica was Strawberry Shortcake. This cute pose lasted about 2 houses...

Until he saw the playground at the end of the road and flipped out because he wanted to play and not Trick or Treat. So we were effectively done after that point. Oh well...maybe next year!

Here is my belly at the halfway point - 20 weeks! Yippie! I think I seem smaller than I was with Sebastian.

First trip to see Mickey Mouse

We decided to take Sebastian on his first "official" trip to Disney this past Friday. He had been before when he was little, little, but we thought that now he might actually be entertained by a few of the attractions. He has a stuffed Mickey and Donald which we talked about all week and on Friday morning he was certainly excited to go see Mickey. As we drove into the park he was clapping and saying "icky, icky, icky!!"

We thought he'd love Dumbo. As soon as we arrived we got in line since it had the longest wait. He was so excited to ride the elephant. Then we got on. And all he wanted to do was get off. He spent the majority of the ride nursing and saying "ya, ya" which means done. Oh well - we determined he probably was too young for it anyways. As our day continued, his reaction to all the rides was pretty much the same as Dumbo...whatever. We tried not to be too disappointed - he is little right?!

His finally lit up at the Mickey's Toon Town play areas - he loved the little playhouses all at his size and kept peeking out the windows looking for us.

At the end of the day we saw the show at Cinderella's Castle with all the character and he LOVED it! He was pointed and clapping and had so much fun. So interesting that he liked the show more than the certainly surprised us! Because he liked it so much we decided to stick it out for another hour for the Spectralights Parade. Here he is mesmerized watching the parade from Daddy's shoulders. He LOVED it.

On the way out, impulsive Mami wanted to "just see" the mouse ear hats because they are so cute. Well, Sebastian (who NEVER wears a hat for more than 2 seconds) loved those ears. I asked him if he wanted to be Mickey Mouse and he said "si." I put them on his head and he just lit up and was so excited. So we had to buy them. I know, we were so suckered - what can I say - you really do do anything for your kids. But those minutes in that gift shop before we left totally made our day.

Being Mickey with Mami.

Even once we were in the car he didn't want to take off the ears. And he wanted his Mickey too. This is at 9 pm after a long day and he was all smiles. So, yeah, maybe he was a little young for some of the rides, but I still think his first Disney experience was magical and perfect for him. Thanks Bil, Jenn and Finn for the pass for this very special day!

There are a lot more Disney pictures so if you'd like to see them click here!