Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Vacation

Catch up time! I realized last night that I better get all the pictures posted from our trip to Puerto Rico before Christmas or else it's going to be a really, really huge post! Here is part one of two....more Puerto Rico pictures will be coming, along with the pictures of Sebastian's first Christmas! Many Christmas blessings to you all!

Sebastian and Daddy driving the golf cart on the way to church at Palmas del Mar.

Sitting with Abuela at Mass and looking cute as always.

Our family during Sebastian's first beach experience. Unfortunately, there was a tropical system in the area and it was very windy so the sea was too choppy to really go swimming. We still let Sebastian feel the sand and water for the first time.

When we set him down on the sand he didn't have much of a reaction. More than anything he didn't like the loud sound of the waves crashing, but he didn't mind the sand or the water. Maybe he'll be a little beach bug like his Mami?!

We went on a short hike to a lighthouse nearby where we took this pretty picture of the beach. Sebastian was not too happy because he really doesn't like loud noises and the waves were crashing and the wind was blowing. Since he was pretty upset, I decided to nurse him in my sling and that helped him not to wail so much anymore, but he was still not happy as you can see below...

I couldn't help but post this because it was so cute. He was not happy about the walk, but at least Mami was giving him is favorite thing... =) Too cute.

We also went in the pool for the first time. Sebastian was not very impressed with this at all.

Please get me our of here!!!

One afternoon we went to Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve for a tour. This is the beach by the entrance of the Reserve.

Touring the lagoon and mangroves. Sebastian plays tourist pretty well.

Outside the lighthouse at the Reserve in Fajardo.

After our tour we went to El Conquistador, one of the most famous hotels in Puerto Rico. The hotel is beautiful and the views are breathtaking. Here we are on one of the balconies. In the far back you can see the lighthouse we just toured, the lagoon and the bay.

Another day we toured the Bacardi Puerto Rican rum factory. We thought this would be good for his senior slide show... =) Too bad he wasn't wearing his Gator onsie.

One evening we went to a Christmas light exhibit in Guaynabo. The lights were a hit!

Sebastian playing with Great-Apapa (great-grandfather). Everyone said that Sebastian looked a lot like him.

Relaxing in the hammock at Playas del Yunque.

Hamming it up at the beach again.

With Daddy testing the waters.

The traditional coconut by Playas del Yunque.

We spent a morning at the rainforest (El Yunque). The waterfall was beautiful. On our next visit hopefully we can hike to the big waterfall and go swimming!

Abu (great-grandma) gave Sebastian his first Christmas present ever. It was a little dump truck that makes noises. He LOVES it! It's one toy he always wants to go after. He was so happy with this special present. Abu had a great time with her one and only great-grandson.

Cousins Olgita, Cristina and Camilo.

The day after we arrived from Puerto Rico, we met up with the Giammarinaro family for our annual Christmas outing. We all went to Celebration, a community owned by Disney, to have dinner and enjoy their festivities. Sebastian is now sitting in high-chairs at restaurants and he was enjoying his first teething biscuit here. He loves it! Anything that resembles food that we eat - he wants!

Playing with Daddy as we wait for the "snowfall."

Our family in the Florida snow - aka soap bubbles. Sebastian liked it though. He kept looking up and trying to catch the bubbles.

I'll have to post the remainder of the pictures later, along with Christmas pictures. Sebastian is so close to crawling. Right now he does this little "army scoot" on his belly and manages to get where he wants to go if he is determined enough. But otherwise, he just gets frustrated. We plan to go to my aunt Monica's for Christmas Eve and go to our parish's first outdoor midnight Mass. We're excited about it! More soon!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Greetings From Puerto Rico!

We are enjoying our vacation here in Puerto Rico. Today Sebastian had his first experience of touching the sand and ocean with his feet. He also went into the swimming pool for the first time. He really didn't seem to have much of an opinion on it, but the pool water was a little chilly for his taste, but as long as he was holding on to mommy or daddy he seemed to be OK with it.

We would love to post pictures for you all to enjoy, but we are visiting a beautiful beach house and left the camera cable that allows us to download the pictures at Cristina's Abuela's house. Next time we get internet access though we'll try to remember to bring it!