Friday, September 26, 2008

Sebastian's Hat Parade

Well, the big move is complete - we are now in Melbourne and the big news is that we will be staying in Melbourne until June! Wow! We were surprised with the news we would be staying, but we know that it will be for the best for our family.

Below are some pictures of Sebastian's with his hats on. He has not liked hats since he was about 6 months old, but now he says "hat" every time he sees one and to my surprise, had a good time playing with them the other day.

Wearing Tio Daniel's fireman hat. This play set was
my brother's when he was 2 years old!

Beach bum hat.

Froggy hat.

Safari hat.

This was his reaction to his new "big boy" room. We got some car and truck sheets and put little car decals on the walls. When he first saw it he was sooooo excited and I am glad to report that he slept in his own room for the first time last night until 5:30 am. And he only woke up once! Woo-hoo!

Reading his books in his bed. A favorite activity now.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So cute!
So, I know I don't have any older ages to compare to, but Sebastian is just so much fun right now! He surprises me every day with how bright he is and how much he is learning. Early next week we move to the new apartment so keep us in your prayers that everything goes smoothly and we all adapt well to our new home - even if it is only for a few months. Still no word on where our next move will be, but I am sure we will be finding out soon. Hope with us that we will be going to Raleigh, North Carolina!

Peek a boo! Te veo!

I finally found some peace and quiet in here!

He sure loves his books! He doesn't like to put them down for anything. Here (you can't really tell) he is actually nursing and reading his book. He has even started to want to take a book to bed with him at night....hummm...reminds me of someone I know... =) I guess he got that from Cristina.

He is getting to a stage where he wants to help Mama occasionally. He always wants to help with the laundry - loves to push the hamper to the laundry room.

Hula hooping at the San Pedro Camp side dedication.

He is now starting to get an occasional interest in arts and crafts. Here he is coloring at Abuelita's this past weekend. He looks like such a big boy!

Playing in the tunnel at Lab School.

His first water color work of art. Beautiful! I've decided I am going to try to document all projects with pictures because I don't know where I'm going to put all this stuff!

Waiting for Daddy! - VIDEO

So I know I had mentioned this before, but I finally got a good video of Sebastian's excitement as he waits for Daddy. They are great buddies now in the evenings while I get dinner ready. Turn up the volume!

Friday, September 05, 2008

This Week
Well, I have to cheer for myself - I made it through my first week of really being a stay at home mommy! I had a great time with Sebastian and I find myself valuing our time together even more now that I know come March our world will change again!
Over the weekend we went to Nana and Papa's where Sebastian ate like a piggy. Here he is following up his pasta dinner with a cupcake. Yummy.

Playing with Uncle Corey and Ty before bedtime. Uncle Corey always makes Sebastian crack up.

I put this little stool by the window so that we can watch for Dada to arrive each evening. He knows how to climb up on the stool by himself now too.

On Tuesday, he was on cloud nine because right in front of our building they are doing some construction and there were dump trucks coming and going ALL DAY! He spent a lot of time on the little stool saying "trucks, trucks!" Although it was very entertaining for him, I hope they don't come back because it was very loud to listen to all day.

Sebastian at Ascension Catholic Church's "Playground Pals." We visited for the first time and Sebastian was so happy and had a lot of fun playing with the toys and other kids. He also participated in his first craft project which I will have to take a picture of next week to post on the blog because the leader had to print out the pictures of the kids to complete it. How exciting!I was very happy he did so well at Playground Pals because on Wednesday we went to Lab School, a morning school program for toddlers and parents. I was so excited to go with him but he was a total bear, threw three tantrums, and didn't want to participate in anything. I was so upset! Hopefully he will warm up to the idea soon and start enjoying it more.

We will actually be spending this weekend in Melbourne getting more things organized and praying that Ike doesn't come anywhere near us or Florida!