Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some rambling thoughts as our due date approaches...

So I've been meaning to just do a post of a few of my ramblings, but haven't caught a chance to do it until now. As of today, baby G2 could join us any day. I am due in exactly a month - March 24. Hard to believe that the time has gone so fast. Preparing for baby #2 has been such a different experience. We are so excited and anxious to meet this little man, but being the "wise, experienced parents" we are (yeah, right!), it somehow seems like there is less work necessary to get everything ready. More so, I think there is just less of a need to feel like everything needs to be perfect. We know that we will love him and be able to fulfill his every need even if every article of clothing doesn't have a perfect place and every blanket isn't ironed and folded. And he will love us too, even if we can't seem to find the extra diapers in an instant and he has to share cuddle time with Mami or Daddy and Sebastian.

So much of preparing for our baby boy has also been preparing our first baby boy. It's hard to believe he won't be the "baby" anymore, even though I can't even fathom the thought that he is going to be the big one. I wish I could really know what Sebastian understands. He knows I have a baby in my belly and will sometimes say "abre" or "open" like he wants to see the baby. And he gets so excited when he sees a baby in person or on TV and cuddles up to me and touches my belly. Or he'll just give the baby kisses or sometimes even his prized stickers. I feel he knows there is a new little someone in there and he is excited to meet him. Most importantly to him, he knows he will have to share his milk with the baby (yes, we are still nursing and very proud!) and always says "che, che" (his word for milk) when we talk about the baby. He knows babies nurse for a long time and his che che is "quick, quick." We'll see how that goes! I've heard and read stories that are wonderful and also difficult about tandem nursing, so we'll see how it goes. It is bound to be an adventure!

We know that going from a family of three to a family of four is going to be a change. And most of me is ecstatic for that moment, knowing that we are so blessed to have a family with so much love. A small part of me is also terrified that we won't be able to juggle it all and meet every one's needs all the time. But I know that we will grow into a routine and soon things will become second nature. I look forward to the beautiful growth of our family and am certainly counting the days now!

I hope that someday I will reflect back on these ramblings and cherish the thoughts I had in the days before our family grew once again - as I muddle through piles of stained and stinky laundry and pick up piles of trucks and toys that make entirely too much noise. In case there is no more time for deep thoughts for a while, I am just so thankful to have the most wonderful husband to support and love me and our family, and so thankful for my growing family. Thank God for motherhood and how much it teaches us each day about sacrifice and unconditional love! There is no better job in the world.
Big Birthday Celebration!

This past weekend we celebrated Grandma Giammarinaro's 90th birthday! Wow - those are some good genes, eh?! Her three children hosted a party at Kobe Steakhouse (the place where they cook on the tables for you and give you tons of food) with about 40 people friends and family from all over. Grandma was so happy and really enjoyed herself. Here are some pictures from the festivities.

We really thought Sebastian would enjoy the "show" of cooking on the table, but he was petrified, poor kid. I think it was too overwhelming for him. Paul and I had to take turns just taking him out into the hallway of the party room so he could see a little bit, but not be up so close. He looks quite concerned in this photo.

Gram with her three children and two of her great-grand children. And Paul snuck in too.

Sebastian being silly with Daddy and trying to eat his nose. He thinks this is pretty funny...

Family picture with Grandma. This is me at 36 weeks.

Later on at Nana's house, Sebastian was giving quite the concert. He loves playing the piano and actually puts his fingers on the keys - he doesn't just bang away at it. If he keeps it up, we'll have to get him lessons when he's older. Ughh...and a piano. =)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yikes - February is almost over already!

Hello! We've been staying busy the past few weeks! Lots of traveling back and forth to Orlando to hang out with friends and families for birthdays and just making good use of the time before the baby arrives! We now have a little more than a month before our March 24 due date. We are finally starting to get out the baby clothes, swing, and try to set up a little corner for the new munchkin. It certainly feels more real as our date approaches. I've felt great throughout most of the pregnancy. Just in the last week I've started to have more swelling and discomfort overall, but I have to keep up with Sebastian so I just keep moving! Enjoy some of our recent family events.

VIDEO - Just click play.
One of Sebastian's many funny faces. He can give looks like his mother. We call this "ojitos" or little eyes. It's pretty funny...

Happy Birthday Nana. Sebastian LOVES cake of any kind, and with so many January/February birthday's he's loving it. He'll say cake, cake and then pretend to blow out candles. He even blows out the candles in books if there is a birthday cake.

Are they going to middle school already? =) Sebastian and cousin Tyler with big boy hair.

Recently, Sebastian likes to set up all his animals facing him and then he'll read them a book or dance or build them a block tower. It's pretty cute.

Working on a special Valentine for Daddy and Abuelita. He loves any project involving "sticky" or glue.

Almost done! He really liked gluing all the little pieces of paper on the heart wreath.

Daddy and Sebastian made Mami a Valentine butterfly. I wanted Sebastian to pose for a picture, but he didn't want to - obviously! Boys will be boys I suppose! What a face.

Daddy and Abuelita after they opened their special projects from Sebastian. He was so proud!

Helping Mami cook in the kitchen. He makes some great pasta! =)

Happy birthday Titi and Angelica! Sebastian had a great time at the birthday party at Moss Park playing with the big kids. And of course, more cake.

Happy birthday, Lelo. We made him an airplane cake which Sebastian was ready to dig into. Again, he loved the cake and I had my doubts on this one because it was a lemon cake!